Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Throwing in the towel!!!!!

Well, I guess I have to throw in the towel on this project, but don't be sad. I will post at some time, but with me being almost a month behind, I will NEVER catch up. I have taken a TON of pics, I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and put them on the blog. I will just have to do a week kind of thing. I will give it my best shot!! I promise. I am getting posts on my Facebook that says I need to update my blog!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I know. I am swamped!!!!!! I will try hard to do a few later today! Hang in there and keep checking!!!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

151/365- Saturday 8/8/09 More Pictures Tomorrow

I went grocery shopping today and we started cleaning out the guest bedroom to get ready for my mom's stay. I didn't take pictures, but I am jumping back on the horse and back to REAL 365 Blog tomorrow. Thank goodness!!!

150/365- Friday 8/7/09 First Day Of Full Pads

Rachel and I had another day of nothing, but Lance had been doing Two-A-Days all week and they got to practice in full pads today. I know that means Football season is in FULL SWING!!!!

149/365- Thursday 8/6/09 Ohhh, Sharon Wells

I went to Bowie today to the Sharon Wells all day training, and boy was it long. I don't teach math anymore, but my boss wants to keep me up to date for the future. Oh well, it was something to do outside the house!!!!

148/365- Wednesday 8/5/09 A DAY OF NOTHING

Rachel and I did NOTHING today. I really don't think we went outside once. I did let Daisy out, but that is all I can think of. That sounds pretty boring to me!!!

147/365- Tuesday 8/4/09 Rachel Is Coming Home

I cleaned house today while Rachel was gone seeing I wouldn't have anyone dragging everything back out. Then we went to the new field house and football field to show Kim and Ashley the new facilities. BOY ARE THEY NICE!!!

146/365- Monday 8/3/09 First Day Of Trainings

Today I had to work!!! I did my online technology training, and then off to my CPR certification class!!!

145/365- Sunday 8/2/09 Rachel Was Off To Nana's House

Rachel went to Nana's house so I could work tomorrow. I just know they will have a blast!

144/365- Saturday 8/1/09 Coaches Get Together

OK, this is where I fell down off this blog thing pretty bad! I did not take ANY pictures this week, I was LAZY!!!!! So, I will still puch trough and blog, but with not pictures. I promise to do better next week. Boy I need some structure in my life right now!!!

143/365- Friday 7/31/09 What A Mess

When I am not directly playing with Rachel this is what happens to our living room. So I spend most of my time looking around and wondering "How in the world did this place get so messy?"

142/365- Thursday 7/30/09 Preschool Here We Come

Today we got Rachel's acceptance letter to preschool. It was a perfect time since we were heading to Wally World to get groceries. So, we went to get a backpack for her to take to her new school this year. Who would have guessed it was Spongebob that stole her heart!!!

141/365- Wednesday 7/29/09 LPS Galore

With Lance gone up to the Field House all day every day now, Rachel and I have a lot of alone time. I will admit, that she REALLY misses him being here already. So do I, but we are learning to cope!!! So, today we played the Littlest Pet Shop and really had a good time!

140/365- Tuesday 7/28/09 Laundry

After the unpacking comes the laundry. I don't hate this one near as much, in fact, I like it until it comes time to put the clothes away!!! EWWWWWW!!!!

139/365- Monday 7/27/09 Unpacking; The Worst Part!

I HATE THIS PART OF TRAVELING!!!!!!! So here the suitcase sits WAITING on me!!!

138/365- Sunday 7/26/09 Home Sweet Home

We headed home today so Lance could start working tomorrow. It was his last day of Summer Vacation. It was a LONG WAY home, but we made it with a lot of movies!!!

137/365- Saturday 7/25/09 The Shark's Mouth

I have been going to Port A since I can remember. We took a family vacation there almost every year. I went there with a friend in 6th grade and took a picture with this shark mouth. SO, every time we go there now, I HAVE to have a picture done with it. It brings back all the memories of the beach. So, now here we are with my little family in the shark's mouth.

136/365- Friday 7/24/09 Texas State Aquarium

We went here just to give us a cool place to do something until it cooled off to go to the beach, and boy was it neat. I loved it and so did Rachel!!! I love this picture with her and the jellyfish.

135/365- Thursday 7/23/09 Port A Day 2

Today we spent a lot of time at the beach. Rachel wore herself out. They played in the sand,

jumped waves (that is by far her favorite), and had a snack!!!

134/365- Wednesday 7/22/09 Off To Port Aransas

We headed to see my mom in Port A and hang out with her and the beach. Rachel had a blast splashing in the water!!!