Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

It is that time again!!!

1.Capture The Sky

This was the first picture I took this week. I was about to put Madi to bed and looked out the door and saw this BEAUTIFUL site. I just had to take a picture and use it!

2. Everyday

Everyday was a tough one for me. I wanted something I really do or see everyday. I had a diaper, because I have one of those EVERYDAY, but then I saw my keys laying there and thought it was a much more artistic choice.

3. Furry

Furry, this one was a challenge too. I didn't want to do my dog, everyone thinks of animals when you hear furry. So I was at the grocery store and saw this kiwi and thought it was PERFECT!!!

4. Life

I love this one. I took it this morning because I just couldn't find any live pretty flowers this week. I was taking Madi to daycare and saw these and went back to take a picture! I love the brown grass all around them! It makes them POP!
5. Blurred

I tried to take several "blurred" pictures, but none of them were good. So I just photo shopped this one of my dog, Daisy, since she didn't make the "furry" cut!

(58) 2-27-2011 Rachel Can Ride A Bike!!!

This weekend Lance started having "daddy guilt" that he had not taught Rachel how to ride a bicycle. When I say "learning to ride a bicycle", I mean pedaling, not without training wheels. She has always been TOTALLY uninterested. (She has had a bike since she was 2!) While we were talking about it, I told him he didn't need to give her a choice when it came to things like that. He needed to just tell her that EVERYDAY for 30 minutes they were going to go outside and do SOMETHING together. He took my advice and they worked on riding a bike.They went to the end of the road and back, and from what he said, she pushed backwards on the brakes 50 times, but they both stuck with it, and SHE DID IT!!!After one trip to the stop sign and back she said her arms were tired, but she did it again anyway!Then we got her friend Jenna and we made a trip around the block with Madi too. It was a lot of fun!!She said it felt like she was sticking her head out the window while were were driving! LOL We ended up going down a bit of a hill, and she got going pretty fast, and with Lance yelling "BRAKE, BRAKE!" she put her feet down instead and tumbled over and got a bit of a scrape on her arm. After a bit of crying, she got back on and kept on going. I was SOOOOOOO proud of her for learning to ride, but more so when she didn't give up.
Here is a picture of her at the top of the hill!

(57) 2-26-2011 Happy 30th Birthday Teresa

My co-worker and friend Teresa turned 30 on Friday, so her hubby planned a surprise dinner for her with over 30 of her friends and family.
It was a lot of fun, and nice to get out and have a "date" with Lance.
Her sister made this beautiful cake for her. It was delish!!!

(56) 2-25-2011 My Littlest Helper

Madi is my little helper around the house. She LOVES to unload the dishwasher, unload the drawers, unload baskets, anything with things in or on it, she LOVES to throw it out. It is a little aggravating, but she will put it back in. She loves to take things out, and then put them back in.Once we finish unloading the dishes, she loves to climb up on it and just play.

She really helps me to put the dishes away, because if it is open, she will start taking things out. If I don't put them up, they just end up on the floor!! LOL!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

(55) 2-24-2011 Science Experiment

This week we are studying plants and we got to do my favorite experiment. We put these things in food coloring to see what the roots and stems do. I remember doing this in school and the carnations turned out SO pretty!My students told me this was totally blog worthy, so here they are!!Aren't they pretty??

(54) 2-23-2011 Keeping The Resume Updated

With all the Texas teaching jobs being cut, it is getting pretty scary around here. We don't know what is going to happen to our jobs. Lance is on probation in Perrin since it is his first year there. As we already know, those are the people to go first. So, we are waiting to see what is going to happen. So, in order to stay ahead to the game, we are keeping the resumes updated and ready for any news we may get!!! :-(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(53) 2-22-2011 Bathtime FUN!!!

Tonight Madi was taking a bath and I thought I would give her a Mohawk. It was fun, and she had the perfect amount of hair to do it with!!!

(52) 2-21-2011 Happy Birthday Lance

Today was Lance's Birthday. He turned the BIG 33!!! He picked out an ice cream cake to celebrate with. Look who is with him, it is FLICK!!! We are so glad he is living with is now. He is protecting our house from all intruders!!! LOLMadi had gone to bed due to her teething and being SO fussy, just wanting to be held by ME and no one else, so in my world, that means she is TIRED!!! We had ice cream cake without her. She will have to have some tomorrow.Here is our new addition, Flick, that was in the box! Isn't he cute!!! I will have to video him protecting us and show you, it is funny!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Blog Hop

The Things We Find Inside

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

(51) 2-20-2011 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It is that time again!!! I had a hard time again this week, but I think they turned out OK!!!

1. ChocolateThis one was easy for me since I got LOTS of chocolate from my students for Valentine's Day!

2. Numbers
This one stumped me. This was all I could find that was not totally boring.

3. Canned Food
This is my bestie's pantry. We spent the night there and I was trying to get all my pictures in and I LOVED her orange walls as the background.

4. Music
This little thing made LOTS of music while we were visiting. Each of the girls played it at least once!
5. Stack
When Rachel was playing with these little nesting buckets, it was fun watching the girls knock it down, and I just knew this would turn out as good as it did. This one is my favorite this week!

(50) 2-19-2011 Visiting with the BESTIES!!!

This week has been hard around here. We have a lot on our minds and a lot to think about. So, we decided to go and visit with out best friends and their little girl. As we were packing, this is what I found playing in the house!
Is this not the cutest? I love when little ones put on hats!!! The weather was SO nice, the girls got to all play outside! I love this picture Amber took of the girls! We have always thought of this day!!! It brought tears to my eyes!
Best Friends Forever

Friday, February 18, 2011

(49) 2-18-2011 Grading Paper This Weekend :-(

Today is the end of the 4th Six Weeks. Since I was out most of last week, I had a HUGE pile of papers to grade. Those with all the papers from this week, have over taken my desk. The kids had all of their unit tests today, I got through most of them. I only have 2 assignments left to grade. Grades are due by 8AM Monday morning, so I guess I will be grading and entering them this weekend. :-(

I can count on one hand, how many times I have done this on my 7 years of teaching.

While I was student teaching, my mentor gave me one bit of advice. "Don't take anything home to do at night, you probably will not do it, so why even lug it home."

I have really taken that to heart. I RARELY take anything home to do from school!

(48) 2-17-2011 It Came In!!!

Lance and I have been married for almost 9 years. Right after we got married we moved and we lost a box of stuff somehow. The only reason we know we lost a box was because Flick was missing. I will not explain Flick right now, but there is one in this box I purchased on Ebay for $.99. You can see him when Lance opens it for his birthday!Now, I only paid $.99, but I paid plenty for the shipping since it came from the UK.
It cleared customs. Says so right here.

More later when he is open and living with us! LOL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(47) 2-16-2011 Teeth, Teeth, And More Teeth

This morning, Lance noticed that Rachel's "big teeth" were coming up behind the teeth that were loose. READ ABOUT IT HERE!!! At that point I began to panic, thinking that if we didn't get the baby teeth out, she would need braces, have crooked teeth, and all kinds of other horrible things. I promptly told her we were pulling a tooth TONIGHT. I told her to wiggle her tooth all day (It was close, but not quite hanging!) so it would be easier!
I remembered I was supposed to pull a tooth, right before she left for church. I asked her if she wanted to do it before or after church. She wanted to do it before, so I told her to sit down and I would pull it. She did, like it was nothing and I pushed it sideways and it popped right out!
I LOVE pulling teeth. It is so COOL!!!
She saw her tooth and let out an cute little "AWWWWSOME!!!"
On the way to church, she told me that her tongue fit perfectly in the hole! She was so excited to tell everyone!!! I love this little girl, she has such a great personality!
Here she is missing her very first tooth.Then after church, I asked her it I could try to wiggle the other tooth that was not really very loose. I pushed pretty hard and it she flinched with an "OWWWW!!!" Little did I know, that push, made it REALLY loose. I asked her it I could pull that one too, and she said "No"!
Then I asked her if she would let her friend Lynsey pull it, and she replied with a "Sure"! So she went for it. I couldn't believe she was letting her friend try and pull her tooth.After a few tries, Lynsey couldn't get it, so Rachel let me try and it popped it out! I was so happy!!! We were both a bit surprised!Here is my baby girl with her first two teeth missing!!!! I love that little girl!! She is a trooper!!Here are the two little teeth that we pulled tonight!She even face timed with Ashlyn and Rowan to show them! It is SO cute to see how proud she is!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

(46) 2-15-2011 Go Pirates Go

Tonight I decided to get another babysitter and go to Lance's last basketball game of the season. I have not gone to many, so I wanted to go and support him.
Boy was I glad I went!!! It was an AWESOME game! We were very competitive and the score kept going back and forth. We were tied up at 2 seconds left and when we threw it in, one of the boys shot from half court and HOLY COW, he made it. He fell on the floor crying he was so happy. Then the ref was blowing his whistle calling it off. The stands were in an uproar and I was booing the ref (something I try really hard NOT to do)! I was a little caught up in the moment.
So, here we go into OVERTIME!!!These boys needed a pep talk to calm down and take this game and win it!
Let me tell you these guys were fighting hard to win this. There were more turnovers in 3 minutes than I had EVER seen. It was an 'on your feet" the whole time.
There were all kinds of fouls, and many free throws, but we were the only one to make one of them. WOW, it was great!!!
With 2 seconds left I was just screaming "GOOD PASSES" and wringing my hands!!!
A hard fought game and we won. What a great way to end the season. I was so proud and SO glad I went. I am still smiling thinking about it.
P.S. The ref that called it off, told Lance that he didn't hear the buzzer, he just saw the zero and called it. Even the coach of the other team told Lance that they should never have gone into overtime. HA! I knew it!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

(45) 2-14-2011 Happy Valentine's Day

Today was our class party for Valentine's Day. While I was in Austin, my room mom came and made Valentine's Day bags with them. I love the way they turned out!They are only allowed to have "healthy" snacks, so one of the moms made these for them, and they were SOOOOOO cute!!! It was lots of fun! I love partying with my class.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

(44) 2-13-2011 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It is that time again!!! I had a hard time this week seeing as I was in Austin this week and didn't think much on the scavenger hunt until I got home Friday. I am kicking myself, because I just know there were some GREAT opportunities there in Austin!

1. ShadowsSo sorry, it was all I could come up with on such short notice!

2. Pattern/Repetition We painted Madi's room to match her bedding and I love the repetition of all the circles.

3. Bright WhiteWhen I took this picture it actually looked yellow, but a little black and white editing and THERE IT IS!!! I think it turned out so good. This one is my favorite!

4. Strong

This is my hubby, he is BY FAR the strength in our family. He is the strongest man I know.

5. Warmth

This has been the warmth in our house. Even through the rolling outages, it has kept our house warm and cozy!

P.S.I am going to do better this week, I will be back at school and my students seem to help me out more than I thought!!! LOL!!!