Thursday, June 30, 2011

(181) 6-30-2011 RANDOM

Today I sat outside with Madi and watched her play in her little pool!
This is what she does when you ask her to "Smile"! It is so cute!

So tonight, Lance and Rachel were practicing for the Presidential Fitness Awards at the end of her 1st grade year. She did pretty good for her first go at it!

She did push ups, the shuttle run (shown above),and

Sit ups.Watching her do all of this and asking her daddy how she did was so neat!

(180) 6-29-2011 NRH20

Rachel and I were invited to to celebrate Hannah's birthday. We had an amazing time. I always love spending time with her! She went with Hannah's sister Jenna, here they are going down a slide together!
She wanted to go on the Lilly PadsShe did a great job.

She didn't fall off any of them!

She rode EVERY ride in the park with the exception of one that she was not tall enough to ride.

I was TOTALLY impressed with her! She is most definitely the bravest 6 year old I know!
Here we are after a FULL day of fun!!!Thanks Shari for inviting us!!!


(179) 6-28-2011 Daddy Daughter Date

Tonight Lance and Rachel went on a dinner date in Bryson. Rachel got all dressed up. It was so cute.They went to have fish since we hardly ever have it here.When they got home, they said several older men told her how beautiful she looked and they asked her if she was a princess. One even asked Lance if he could give her 4 quarters to play the crane game. I love to see them going and doing things together.


Monday, June 27, 2011

(178) 6-27-2011 Every Girl Needs A Night Out!!!

Tonight some of my awesome teaching friends had a joint birthday party for another friend and me. They made dinner and margaritas.Thank you for the trick candles girls!!!Here we are having some wonderful girl time!!!

(177) 6-26-2011 Jalapano Poppers??? I Think So!!!

Tonight we had the neighbors over for a cookout.

Lance made poppers, and I must say I have NEVER tried them because I am a baby when it comes to spicy things. Everyone talked me into trying them, so I did and I really liked them.The girls hung out on the couch together and watched Toy Story 3!Then I got the bright idea to super glue the screws into our bar stools that we use everyday so they would stop coming loose and falling out. NOT SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!I ran into every disaster I could with it. I got it everywhere. These are my fingers with the paper towel glued to them!!! GRRRRRR!!! At least I did get a few screws done!

(176) 6-25-2011 My First Chicken Salad

So, one of our recipes was chicken salad. Lance didn't want to do it, but I did, so we got the stuff and today I made it. I mixed a few recipes, and it turned out pretty good. Rachel and Lance ended up really liking it and eating more than I did!!! Glad to know we will have it again!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

(175) 6-24-2011 Just Madi and Me

Tonight after Rachel went to VBS and Lance left to Weatherford to ref some basketball games, Madi and I got to spend some Mommy-Madi time. I walked around the corner and saw her doing this.Now, let me tell you, she loves to help, and she LOVES to wipe things off.She will find anything that is like a wipe and clean, clean, clean.She was cleaning this sink since there was raisins in it!Thanks Madi, I wish I had the desire to clean as much as you do!

(174) 6-23-2011 New Chores for Rachel Roo

We decided that Rachel was old enough now to have some chores of her own. So, she has a task or two each day of the week. That way the weekend is free for her and she starts it with a clean room!Today she was vacuuming her room since she was a bit behind, and I must say she did an amazing job. She worked so hard to catch up with the week. She vacuumed like a champ.I just beamed watching her do such a good job. She did it with so much determination. When she was finished, she was so very proud of herself, and she needed to be!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(173) 6-22-2011 The New Way To Cook My Eggs

I have always boiled my eggs by bringing my water to a boil and then covering them and setting them aside for 30 minutes. My father in law taught me recently that when you don't take me out after they boil and put them in ice water, they continue to cook and that is why the yolk in grey.
So, we got this awesome Chef Basket at Christmas and I saw the infomercial today and decided to try cooking my eggs in it and then putting them directly into the ice water. When I opened one to eat it, this is what I saw:I was pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to boil some more!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

(172) 6-21-2011 Our Tomato Plants Have Tomatoes

Lance has planted a garden every year we have been in this house, and this year was no exception. The first year, he just dug here and there and they did great. The next year, he really got into it and made a big garden and fertilized and all. It didn't do as well, so we are back to just putting 2 tomato plants where they were the first year. They have had green tomatoes on them for a while, and today they were red and ready to be picked (read eaten)! Rachel picked them all and they were gone by the end of today. Thank goodness I took this picture when I did!!!As we all know, they were DELICIOUS!!! Home grown are by far the best!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

(171) 6-20-2011 Running Errands And It Is HOT!!!

I had some errands to run that I have been putting off. I just don't want to get out and just do one thing. I want to get a few things done if I get out! So, things had piled up and I HAD to go!

I needed to send my Summer Swap package (I WAS WAY LATE!) I hope my swap buddy doesn't get too upset! I also had to send some baby stuff to my Darcy for her twins. So I did that first. It took me FOREVER since I got everything in the boxes and got the address label on it and then when I picked them up to take a picture, I realized I had put the wrong address label on the wrong package. So, I had to start the addresses over. I don't know why I was surprised, it always has to happen like this.

Then it was off to the school to take some things I needed to put in my classroom and I had 2 things I had to fax. Now, again, it took me forever since I had never faxed before from the copy machine, and I had to try to figure it out. I did, but I didn't type in the area code, so they didn't go through. Then, one of the fax number was not working, so I called and then all of a sudden I got a confirmation page. Who knows which try went through, seeing as I did each one at least 3 times!

Then, on top of all of this, it was HOT!!!!!

I have to say living in Texas, it is usually hot in the summer, but I have never seen it THIS HOT before. The thing is, it is only June what will it be in July or August? We shall see!

(170) 6-19-2011 Happy Father's Day

Well, it is another Father's Day here at the LeFevre Household. I must say, I married the perfect man to make a great husband, and the best father for my girls! First, he gave me 2 BEAUTIFUL girls!!!Then, he is so wonderful with them.

From swimming, to sporting events,
to campfires,

to snowy days!

He is amazing and I am glad he is the father to my kiddos. I love you Lance and I know our girls love you too!!!

(169) 6-18-2011 A Father's Day Visit With Family

We went to Hico to visit Lance's grandparents for Father's Day and got to have a good visit. The girls LOVE to see their cousins. It is always a treat for them. Madi was intrigued with the fan and how you can talk into it and it makes you sound funny!
We had a good time. I love seeing family. Catching up is always a great thing!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

(168) 6-17-2011 A New Store Opens Up In Jacksboro

This summer, Rachel has been playing with someone almost every day. She seems to believe that she is incapable of playing by herself. So, today was a day with Jenna. Her mom works with me, and they live next door. We have enjoyed having her.

They played with Rachel's new cash register. They played store all day, and Lance, Madi, and I shopped there over, and over, and over again!They had money from the cash register, and Lance made some of his own! They even gave me a debit card if I didn't have the cash!!! HAHA! Children of this generation!!!

Lance made them signs for the shops, and they even paid for them. Seeing as it was a book store, they made a place to lay and read the books to see if you really wanted to buy them.

Their displays were wonderful, they had them everywhere.
They even knew their inventory pretty well,

You could ask them if they had a certain book and they were pretty good about finding it.

There was a pet store too, but Madi bought all of them up before I could get a picture!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

(167) 6-16-2011 A Day With Grammy

We have been telling my mom that we would come out to their new house and visit. Long story short, we couldn't put them off any longer. They had one of my nieces there for a little while, so, we went to spend the day with them. They have a friend that has this beautiful pool overlooking the Possum Kingdom Lake. This was my view all afternoon.The girls played and swam, and played. It was fun to watch them swim, and play with them.My little Rachel is becoming a little fish. She is swimming so good!!! I am so proud.Kendal is quite the swimmer too!!!They had a blast in the pool.They had quite a bit of silliness in them!!!I wanted to get some pictures of them together, and Lance was making it a little bit hard.They OF COURSE had to have the same plates.This was the picture I took as we were heading out the door, and I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to send it to my brother!