Tuesday, July 21, 2009

133/365- Tuesday 7/21/09 Another Sono

At this rate I have been able to see out beautiful baby every month, so that has been fun. I am going again in August. Rachel and my MIL Kim, got to be with me as we heard the heartbeat for the first time and actually saw this picture. It is so neat to see that in 3 months we already have a baby in there. I can't wait till Aug. so we can look again. Praying they can tell me what the sex is!

Monday, July 20, 2009

132/365- Monday 7/20/09 SHOPPING!!!!

Today I went shopping to spend my birthday money. OH WHAT FUN!!!! With the exception I can't really buy clothes and feel like I got great stuff. So, I had to get creative and find stuff I could wear FOREVER!!!! I had a blast!!!

131/365- Sunday 7/19/09 Daddy Leaves For Coaching School

Lance left this morning, so Rachel is sleeping in his spot. She loves to do that when one of us is not home for the night. I enjoyed having her with me. We miss Daddy, but we are having some good "Girl Time!"

130/365- Saturday 7/18/09 Washing The Car

Lance leaves for Coaching School tomorrow, so we washed the car today before our trip to the coast. It was fun watching Rachel help wash the car. She loved the spraying part the most. I love having a clean car. Thanks you two!!!

129/365- Friday 7/17/09 Heading Home

We headed home today and let me tell you we were READY!!!! We were missing Rachel so much!!! Bob wanted us to do something for him before we left Vegas and it was a caricature. I really like it. I look GOOD, but Lance was not too thrilled. So, here it is!!!

128/365- Thursday 7/16/09 Happy Birthday To Me

We did a lot today in Vegas. Lance surprised me with a necklace for my birthday, SO SWEET!! The trip was what I wanted and he even went the extra for my birthday. I really shouldn't be surprised, that is who he has always been.
We went to The Price Is Right show and didn't make it up there, but it was FUN to watch. We also went to Madame Tussuad's. I have wanted to go there FOREVER!!!!! It was a lot of fun to interact with all the wax celebrities. I even got to pole dance with Brittany Spears.
It would have been PERFECT if Rachel was with me on my big day. I miss her so much. She did call and sing to me, so I LOVED THAT!!!! SO, now I am a member of the 30 club.

127/365- Wednesday 7/15/09 The Tournament of Kings

We went to the Tournament of Kings and really enjoyed it. It was fun to get rowdy. I have never been to Medieval Times, and Lance says it is a lot like that. I really enjoyed the show and had a great time cheering and BOOING!!!

126/365- Tuesday 7/14/09 Reels of Cash Tournament

Today I played in my first slot machine tournament. Who knew you could have so much fun pushing a button nonstop. I hit the jackpot once and got ahead of the competition. I won my heat, and when they posted I got 4th. By the time they finished all the heats, I got 6th. I won $50, and had a TON of fun!!!

125/365- Monday 7/13/09 Viva Las Vegas

Today we left for Las Vegas. I was so excited. While going through the security check I had to take off my beloved flip flops, so I got to wear these beautiful booties!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

124/365- Sunday 7/12/09 Her Room Is Complete!!!

Devra came over today to bring the rest of Rachel's furniture for her room. It is now complete and SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I just thought you all HAD to see it!!!

123/365- Saturday 7/11/09 Happy Early Birthday!!!

Today we went to Stephenville to see Bob while he was in. Little did I know they wanted to celebrate my birthday with me since I will be gone on the actual day. So, they bought me my favorite cake (CARROT), and even had it personalized. I thought that was so sweet! Devra took me shopping. I even teared up once because I was so happy. I have so many hand me down maternity clothes that I wasn't going to buy any, but I always look and want some of my on style. She let me pick out lots of stuff I could wear and enjoy this pregnancy. It was so nice. It was a great day!!! Thank you so much!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

122/365- Friday 7/10/09 My Little Helper

We are cleaning the house to get ready for our trip (WHO WANTS TO COME HOME TO A DIRTY HOUSE?), and Rachel wanted to help me vacuum, so with our wonderful Kirby, (It has a drive gear!), she was able to help me and it was even easy for her!!! She was even picking up the little things and bringing them to me so she wouldn't suck them up!

Friday, July 10, 2009

121/365- Thursday 7/9/09 My Favorite Show Begins!

Big Brother started tonight and I am so excited. I wait all year for it to come on so we can watch it. I love to see all the drama. I know, I am a reality show nut, but I just can't help it. So, here is to a few months of crazy drama in the Big Brother house!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

120/365- Wednesday 7/8/09 A Day Out With Friends

We have been wanting to take the girl's to the jump place in Weatherford, and since we had gymnastics, we thought we would go today. Well, we found out that they closed before we could even get there. So, we found a place in Fort Worth that was the same price, but the girls could play for 5 hours. We took them to eat lunch in FW and then on to the bouncing. WOW, that is a lot of jumping. They had a BLAST!!! It was nice to just sit and watch them bounce on EVERYTHING!!! It was not real crowded which is even better. We spent about 3 and a half hours there and boy were they tired. I really think we will go back!

119/365- Tuesday 7/7/09 A Dat At The Lake

We went to the lake today to Lauren and Brent's lake house. We got to take Daisy and let her play with their dogs. SHE LOVED IT!!! We let her off the leash and she stayed with us. She also learned how to swim for the first time. I was a bit nervous that she would drown, but she did OK. Even when Brent was throwing the stick pretty far out there. Now I will say that she was extremely tired after the workout. I must say she is a bit out of shape! So, now all the LeFevres have had their swim lessons. That one is checked off the list. Now, should we take her to the coast???

118/365- Monday 7/6/09 Whoa, Who Knew It Would Happen So Fast

OK, with Rachel I really never fit into any maternity clothes, so I just bought clothes a little bigger. So, this is TOTALLY new for me. I am now 10 weeks, and already needing to wear something else. I can't wear my old clothes anymore and I had to get some maternity shorts. I am SHOCKED!!! I had NO IDEA it would go this fast. So, as embarrassed as I feel wearing maternity clothes at 10 weeks, I have no choice.

117/365- Sunday 7/5/09 Home Sweet Home

We got home today and boy were we ready. We like to be home, so it was nice to get into town. It was also nice to have it cool off for us too!!

116/365- Saturday 7/4/09 Happy Fourth Of July

We had a party at my parent's house for my sister and I's 30th birthdays. I am on the 16th, and she is in Oct. We had a good time. It was fun to see everyone and celebrate. We took Rachel to see the fireworks and she was a little upset that we weren't close enough to hear them, so her Lance gave her an auditory of his own with each one. It was pretty good!!! What a DAD!!!!

115/365- Friday 7/3/09 Putting Out The Hay

Rachel helped Opa put out the hay for his cows. She was helping drive the tractor and loved it. I love watching her and my daddy spend time together. It reminds me of when I was young and got to do things with just him. It made my weekend to see them together!

114/365- Thursday 7/2/09 Sea World

We went to Sea World with Rachel. She loved it. She loved seeing all the animals. She fed the dolphins, we watched the shows, and then we were going to head to the water part and she decided she wanted to go to Oma & Opa's. So, seeing as we were HOT, we left and headed to their house to spend the rest of the weekend with them!

113/365- Wednesday 7/1/09 On the Road

We left for San Antonio today after Rachel's check up with her ENT doctor. It takes us at least 4 and a half hours, so it was a nice long trip. At one point Rachel said "Mommy, we have been driving a long time, are we almost there." So the "Are we there yet?" questions begin!