Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Merry Christmas, from our bed(rest) to yours! Love, The LeFevres

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby LeFevre Update

Well, here we are officially at 34 weeks. I am so excited, A couple of more weeks and I am off bedrest and can go about my life.
They did a sonogram to see where she was in terms of weight since Rachel was growth restricted and 2 weeks behind on growth. This little miracle is showing NO signs of that. She was actually bigger at 33 weeks than Rachel was when she was born at 35 weeks. She is now a whopping 4 and a half pounds. Rachel came home at 12 days old weighing 4 pounds. I was so happy. She looked great and amazingly my cervix looked good.
I am thinking that I just may make it to the scheduled C-Section. That is now 4 weeks away. They will give me clearance to have her at anytime in 2 weeks. WOO HOO!!! That is no time at all!!! I just thought I would share the update and a few pics from the sono. I know this is not a great pic, but I love her lips in this one.

Merry Christmas Mommy

Rachel makes a gift for me every year at daycare and this year was not different. She refused to wait until Christmas, so this is what I got. Decorated socks. She insisted that I wear them right away!! Here is my view of them!
She made sure to include the baby's heartbeat (the squiggled line on the side). Here is the bottom. I sure do love them!!!

Sweet Innocence

This is a sight I get to enjoy EVERY NIGHT!!! I love it. A sleeping child is the most beautiful thing. If you notice there is something she is clutching. Can you figure out what it is? Here is a closer look!You guessed it. It is her butterfly Bible. and hidden beneath that one is her New Testament she has with her name on it. She reads these out loud most nights before she goes to sleep. If only I was so disciplined!!! I love this girl!

My Angel

Rachel made this at church one night, and I just love it!!! She is my little angel.We found just the right place to put it!

Good 'Ol Elfie Is At It Again!!!

Well, I am so behind in blogging I will just update you on all the fun stuff Elfie (a little change from Elfin, I think this one stuck) has been getting into!

He was wearing Rachel's boots one morning!

Here he is playing her new Mouse Match! He was surfing the net looking at!
He was digging through the cookies Rachel and Grammy made for her Christmas parties!

He was Riding her singing Christmas dog!

He found her McQueen computer and had fun playing on that!

And this morning he was in the middle of putting together her on of her puzzles!

This elf must be exhausted when he finally gets back to his "home" on Rachel's stocking hanger!

Grammy's Birthday

We got to celebrate my mom's birthday with her for the first time in a LONG LONG time. It was fun. Rachel went through our candles and decorated it herself. Apparently she is only 21! Grammy and Rachel waiting to blow out the candles.

Cooper Christmas 2009

This year for Cooper Christmas my family had to travel from South Texas to spend the weekend with us seeing as I am supposed to stay home and near my doctor. So, they came in Friday night and stayed the weekend. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed spending time together. I loved having everyone here and watching my nieces and nephew play. Here is Rachel and my niece sleeping in her room together. I loved watching them get along so well!!!That morning they got up and played some matching cards while breakfast was cooking.

Here they are watching a movie in Rachel's room. So cute to see them growing up.Of course we did have to get a little Rock Band going with Uncle Dustin!!Here they all are. 4 girls (another on the way), and 1 boy!!! Poor guy!!!Then the presents came and that was a whirlwind. TONS OF FUN!!! 1 down and 3 more to go!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Parade & Santa

I love this little town we live in. It has so many things that make it a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I love that they still have "Happy Birthday Jesus" in lights on the town square. It is rare to find a place that STILL advertises that we are Christians and PROUD OF IT!!!
We went to the Christmas Parade last night and since I am supposed to be off my feet, Daddy made us a bed in the back of my car so we could lay and watch the parade. It was nice. There were a lot of good floats and I loved that they were lit and so festive. The pictures leave something to be desired, but I tried!!!
Rachel loved watching every float go by and tell us what was on them. The Rudolph on above was her favorite!After Santa brought up the back of the parade, riding his trusty old school firetruck he sits in front of the courthouse and visits with all the children. Rachel got to talk to him and tell him what she wants. They even gave every child a stuffed animal. I was so impressed with out little town!!


After a week of living with us, the elf has a name. We shall call him "Elfin"! She picked one and it is great.
Thursday he was caught playing in the cabinets!!!This morning he was playing the Matching Cars game while he waited for us to get up!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow & Baby UPDATE

This morning we woke up to this BEAUTIFUL sight. It was snowing. I just love to watch it snow. When I lived in San Antonio, it was a RARE occurrence, but here in North Texas, it is at least once or twice a year, usually more. This is what I looked at as I fixed my breakfast and got ready to head to Stephenville.

I went to the dr and she said nothing has changed, and I was doing great. She even told me that she was SHOCKED that I was still seeing her and not in a hospital in Fort Worth. She said that she had not even planned on anything further, so she had to schedule a sono for the 14th to check on the baby's weight. She now seems VERY HOPEFUL that I will deliver in Stephenville and actually get to keep out bundle of joy in the room and TAKE HER HOME SOON after she is born. That makes me so HAPPY!!!! 4 more weeks at least and we will be SAFE!!!! I am bound and determined now. I can make it!!! Keep the prayers a coming, THEY ARE WORKING!!!!

The First Shower For Baby Girl LeFevre

Tuesday, the Middle School had a Diaper/Wipes shower for the 4 expected babies for this school year. We are expecting one of the 4, and we got TONS of diapers and wipes. They fed us lunch and it was a lot of fun to get out and enjoy celebrating our little one!!!

Santa's Elf Has Made His Appearance

When we got home from Thanksgiving, Santa had sent his elf to watch over Rachel. She spotted him and wanted to know why he was here. So, we read the book he brought with him and talked about it. She was a little unsure of what to say or do with him. I asked her what to name him and she didn't want to. So I just let it go.Monday morning she woke up to her elf eating her M&Ms. She thought this was so funny. She told him that he was supposed to sit on her "L". I guess she thinks his "home" is above her stocking!Tuesday she woke up to find him in the Christmas tree. I started calling him Elfie by this point to try to just get her to name him. Still, NO NAME!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving I was on bedrest, so I did venture out of the house to Lance's grandparents' house. I lounged on the couch and enjoyed the food, knowing I was about 50 minutes closer to the hospital. Here is my lovely daughter when we got there and she was dressed SO nice and cute!!!Her and Daddy played a little dinosaurs/cars in the living room. Then the clothes made a change and the photo shoot began. It was so much fun!
Here is Rachel, Drew and little Miles in their turkey shirts!

Nana even got a great family photo out of this!The kids were playing outside and Nana snapped this one and I must say it is one of my favorites of my Rachel!Then disaster struck and she was running to catch the football and fell into a cactus. She had a hand full of those brown little needles, but my BIG GIRL did not cry one tear and let Daddy pull them all out one by one!!! She still talks about how she didn't cry at all!!! I guess having a coach for a Dad saying: "Shake it off!" when she falls, helps out!!!