Monday, May 30, 2011

(150) 5-30-2011 Summer League Basketball

Seeing as it is summer, we decided to go to Poolville to watch Lance's basketball team play. We went to the first game, and it was in the Junior High gym, and it was HOT!!!!! Lance texts me and told me there was no air condition AFTER I was headed that way.


As soon as we got there, Rachel was ready to come home, we are predicting that she is not going to be much a sports girl!On the other hand, Madi was sort of interested. She loved spending time with Daddy!

The game got pretty intense at the end, we got on a roll and I thought we might win. I think this picture really should be a foul!!! It seems to me that this guy is on top of our kid!

It was fun to watch, I can't wait to watch them under Lance's coaching. I just know they will do well!!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

(149) 5-29-2011 YUCK, A Red Eye AGAIN!!!!

Yesterday my eye started itching like crazy and was getting redder by the hour. So, after not getting much sleep, I got up and went to the ER, seeing as it was a holiday weekend and I knew I couldn't take another day of this!!!He said he didn't know if it was Pink Eye, or another allergic reaction, so I started eye drops to help this icky eye!!!

On a high note, my girls were SOOOOO cute this morning!

Rachel waited for everyone to wake up watching TV and using Daisy as a pillow.

I love the way our dog loves our girls!!!

And, Madi with her purse was just too cute not to capture!!!

(148) 5-28-2011 Happy Birthday Brad

We were invited to celebrate Uncle B's birthday today in Lake Worth, so we left a little early to stop at the Justin Boots Outlet store to get Lance some boots and a belt.

I saw all the colorful boots and thought it would make a great picture!We tried some pink boots on Madi and she REFUSED to take them off, she also found a pink hat to go with them. She looked OH SO CUTE!!!The second time I took them off, she was a little better with it. I just couldn't see buying them with her feet growing so quickly. Maybe this fall we will have to get us a cowgirl!

Then we went to the party and spent the evening with the Cooper family! The kiddos love spending time with their cousins. I love to see them loving on each other!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

(147) 5-27-2011 End Of The Year Carnival

Today was the last day of school, and there is a carnival all over the school for most of the morning. There are games in each of the classrooms. Mine was the Bozo Bucket Bonanza.I found a parent to watch my booth for an hour while I walked around with Rachel and her friends and took pictures of her playing the games. It was so much fun!This one was the Cotton Ball Blow.They had a card with all the booths on it and got it punched after they played the game. Every game had a prize for the kiddos.The M&M Movement was a "Minute To Win It" game, and she was the first Kindergartner to move more than one M&M!Twister was the funniest!!!

She had a blast. I enjoyed getting to do this with her!!!

I can't believe she is now a FIRST GRADER!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

(146) 5-26-2011 END OF THE YEAR

Here is my check list for the end of the year. I have to have all these things checked off before I can leave for the summer. I am well on my way as you can see. I always try to be finished before the last day so I can GET OUT OF HERE!!!Tomorrow is the carnival and it is a CRAZY day!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(145) 5-25-2011 Week 1

This week was the first real bible study video. It was awesome, and I REALLY needed it. It also spoke to me. It hits hard when things are said that you know are meant for you!!!

The whole thing was in Hebrews. It was great.

The Call to Spiritual Growth in Chapter 5 was a big thing for me to hear!I can't wait until next Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(144) 5-24-2011 Tiger Talent Show 2011

Our "Dynamite Girls" tried out for the talent show this year and made top 20 out of 40 trying out. This meant that they got to perform in front of the whole school, parents, and visitors. They did this dance for the Mr. D's Dazzling Dance Contest, and they did better this time around!These 3 have TONS of attitude between them!!!

They did the dance like rock stars, and were not shy at all!!!

They won first place if you ask me!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

(143) 5-23-2011 Madi's After Bath Activity

Yesterday Rachel and Madi bathed together and one of the things Rachel loves to do after a bath is slide around after the water had drained. Well, she has now taught Madi the fun in that activity! So, this is how she spent her first after bath slip and slide:Love this face!!!I love baby bottoms!!!I just sit and watch her and giggle most of the time. She loves it and has so much fun. Picture all of this paired with squeals of excitement!!!

(142) 5-22-2011 Route 44 Please

Does this picture really need any words?

Summer Swap!!!

I participated in the Spring Swap and LOVED it!!!

So, needless to say, I am going to participate in the summer one!!!

JOIN us, who doesn't LOVE mail!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

(141) 5-21-2011 A Day With My Girls

Today Lance was gone all day at a golf tournament. I got to spend the day with my girls. It was fun just the 4 (Daisy too) of us!

It started out with some Pop Tarts and watching cartoons snuggled under the quilt.Then Rachel gave Daisy a bottle!! LOL, she took these 2 pictures herself.Then, Madi found a changing mat and decided that she was going to change her baby on it. I attempted Madi's first ponytail. It was so cute, and she looked like a different child.When Lance got home, Rachel and I went to Austin's birthday party while he laid down to nap with Madi. We had fun in the bounce house, and jumbo bowling.All in all, it was a fun day. I am usually not real excited when I am left alone with both the girls, but now Madi is old enough to be lots of fun. I enjoyed it. Can't wait till we do it again!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Post

This morning Rachel wanted to wear her "Big Sister" shirt, so of curse Madi had to wear her "Little Sister" shirt too! Rachel LOVES to wear matching clothes. I thought I would hate it, but it is really cute! I hear that I should enjoy it while I can, so I am!Even though Rachel's head is a bit cut off, I love this picture!NOW, this dog is UGLY!!!!! One of my co-workers brought her to school and I thought she was so ugly. She actually began growing on me. I think she is so ugly she is cute.Especially with a Mohawk!Alright, Chloe, I give in, you are kind of cute!!!