Tuesday, June 30, 2009

112/365- Tuesday 6/30/09 Summer Project #1

Today I was feeling MUCH BETTER than I have in weeks, so I decided to uphold my title of "Mother Of The Year" (HAHAHA!!), and do a summer project with Rachel. I made one of these a long time ago, and wanted to do it again with my kids. Rachel and I had a TON of fun decorating it. So, here for your enjoyment is our beach cake!

Monday, June 29, 2009

111/365- Monday 6/29/09 Rachel & Lynsey

We kept Lynsey today while Misti took Kaylee to Six Flags. They love hanging out, so they were both SUPER excited to spend the day together. I took them to the playground this morning while it was nice and breezy. They played for almost an hour and a half. It was so nice out. They spent the rest of the day playing and watching cartoons. It was nice to have someone here to play with her nonstop like she would like us to do!

110/365- Sunday 6/28/09 "I Was Checking On The Fire Ants!"

Rachel likes to go out on the front porch and play. I always tell her to stay ON THE PORCH!!! So today I went out and she was walking up the sidewalk, and she started in by telling me she was just checking on the fire ants. I asked her where and she showed me a hole in the tree out front. I asked her who showed her the ants, since our little family likes to feed ant colonies on a regular basis. She told me nobody showed her, she just stuck her finger in the hole and out the ants came. AMAZING that she didn't get bit. So, now we have a new ant family to feed!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

109/365- Saturday 6/27/09 Yard Sale

Today Rachel and I wanted to get out of the house and went to a yard sale here in town. I found this and was so excited. We use uniforms A LOT during the sports seasons, so it was nice to find a new one for her to wear!

Friday, June 26, 2009

108/365- Friday 6/26/09 Chuck E. Cheese

Lance and I took Rachel to Chuck E. Cheese again today. She actually got to meet Chuck E. this time. He was throwing tickets and she chased him all over the game room. She loved seeing him. We then took her to Build-A-Bear to get yet another puppy. I sure love these trips together.

107/365- Thursday 6/25/09 Trash Day

Now that it is summer, every Thursday we open the front door so Rachel can watch the trash truck dump out trash can. It is a fancy truck that just sticks out it's arms and lifts it over the side to dump it. She thinks it is AWESOME. She has to reenact the entire thing after it is over. It is fun to see the joy she gets out of watching it!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

106/365- Wednesday 6/24/09 Lunch with Nana

Today Nana came into town to sell some bows at the local t-shirt shop, and we had lunch. It was nice to get to hang out with her. We had fun.

105/365- Tuesday 6/23/09 Lunch With Bumpas

Today I went to lunch with my co-worker Bumpas. I miss her so much. When you get used to seeing someone every day M-F and then you are off for 2 and a half months, it is hard. So we caught up a bit at the Drug Store!

104/365- Monday 6/22/09 Baby LeFevre

Today I went to my first official doctor's appointment. We had a sonogram and got to see the baby. It was nice to see the heartbeat and the development that has happened in 3 weeks. Isn't God amazing? I am officially 8 weeks 2 days. My due date is January 30, 2010. Please keep us in your prayers. We were hoping to be BORING this go round and it is not looking like we will be just yet!! Maybe it will get boring!!!

103/365- Sunday 6/21/09 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

Today was a good Father's Day. We spent it with Lance's dad, and then we came home so Rachel could sleep in her NEW BIG GIRL'S BED!!! Thanks Mimi & Poppy!!!

102/365- Saturday 6/20/09 Lake Fun

After the garage sale we went out to Aunt LaLa & Uncle Brent's lake house. Uncle Brent was nice enough to take us out on the boat and let Rachel swim. This is a picture of her when he was going REALLY fast. She loved it! We are planning another trip because she had so much fun.

101/365- Friday 6/19/09 Garage Sale Preperations

We were setting up for the garage sale today and the girls were having fun playing with the toys we were trying to get rid of!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

100/365- Thursday 6/18/09 100th Day

I am proud to announce that today is my 100th post! And in TRUE teacher fashion I am celebrating with 100 pennies! I thought you all would like that!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

99/365- Wednesday 6/17/09 Lazy Days Of Summer

This is what I did ALL DAY today. I am feeling so lazy. I layed on the futon and watched TV most of the day!

98/365- Tuesday 6/16/09 Getting Ready For The Garage Sale

Today I spent the afternoon pricing the stuff for our garage sale. I will be so glad when it is over. I just may have to have another one when we fins out the sex of this baby. I love garage sales. I love to see the clutter in our house go out the door. I guess that is why we do it EVERY year!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

97/365- Monday 6/15/09 Vacation Bible School

Rachel is getting quite bored of being home, so we decided to let her go to a Vacation Bible School that one of Lance's students invited her to. She didn't do so well, she started to hurt and they called me to come get her. It was worth a try. We will see how she feels tomorrow. Also we upgraded her to a booster. She thinks it is so cool. She is now just SURE she is a big girl!

96/365- Sunday 6/14/09 Sleeping In The BIG Bed

Since we are giving her medicine around the clock, that means we have to wake up and wake her up twice a night. So, Daddy had this fabulous idea to let her sleep with us. So, she has been in our bed since Friday night. This is something that we have NEVER done before, so I am curious to see how it all plays out!

95/365- Saturday 6/13/09 Meds, Meds, Meds

Today Rachel was doing pretty good. She really didn't want to eat much. After yesterday afternoon, she was eating, drinking, and playing like nothing had ever happened. We were giving her her pain medicine around the clock every 4 hours. That was about all we thought about was the time and having to force her to take the horrible medicine. I sure can't wait until this is over!

Monday, June 15, 2009

94/365- Friday 6/12/09 Rachel's Tonsillectomy

This is before the surgery. She was in her gown waiting to go to the play room. She was very worried today. She asked "Are they going to take my tonsils now?" every time a new person came in. It was hard to see her so worried. We do LOVE Cook Children's Hospital, they are so good to her!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

93/365- Thursday 6/11/09 Last Day of Swim Lessons

Today we enjoyed 2 swim lessons, and I do really mean enjoyed. We went at 11 AM and she got to do some free time and went down the slide. She was not thrilled about landing back first, so she wouldn't do it again. At 5PM we went back for the last one and they let the little ones go on the slide and when she found out Ms. Margret would catch her she tried again, and again, and again, and again. She finally SCREAMED and CRIED when they had to leave. So, I do think I have a fish on my hands!!! WOO HOO!!!
Please remember Rachel tomorrow. We have to be at Cook's at 7:15 AM and surgery at 9:15. Keep her in your prayers that all goes well, and she is not too hungry or thirsty before.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

92/365- Wednesday 6/10/09 Swimming Canceled

(5:10 pm) It is NEVER this dark that early!

Nana came over to watch Rachel at swim lessons today. On the way there, we got a call that they were canceled due to the storm that was a brewin'. So, we turned around and headed home. BOY WHAT A STORM WE GOT!! It was a bad one. With the bad storm, we got to keep Nana here a little longer so she wasn't driving in it, and we enjoyed the extra time with her. They are having the make up class on Friday, but Rachel has surgery, so we have to make up the lesson tomorrow morning and then go again in the afternoon. I know, a busy day!!! Oh well, such is life! It will be the last lessons, so we will then officially have a FISH on our hands!

91/365- Tuesday 6/9/09 Getting Ready

Today Lance had to go to a 7-on-7 football game with all the coaches, so Rachel and I had to brave swimming lessons and Walmart alone. She did awesome at swim lessons (as usual)!!! So we had to go to Wally World (thanks Scottsville) to get some Popsicles. Rachel is having a Tonsillectomy on Friday, and we were told to have them on hand. So, she got to choose which kind she wanted. Please keep her in your prayers on Friday seeing as this is the 4th surgery in 4 years, and we are TIRED of doing it. We pray this will be the last one.
So, this post is for the Popsicles!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

90/365- Monday 6/8/09 Opening Day

Today I went out and my first sunflower has now opened!!! Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

89/365- Sunday 6/7/09 Weekend Swimming

A friend of mine is house sitting for the people across the street, and she invited Rachel and I over for a swim today. It was a lot of fun. It was good to see that Rachel is just as great at going under water for me just like she does for Mrs. Margret.

88/365- Saturday 6/6/09 Silly String

When Rachel was little, she was TERRIFIED of Silly String. So, we had some from a friend's birthday that she found. She loved spraying it ALL OVER my kitchen. It was fun to watch her giggle every time she got one of us with it. I should have taken a picture of me after I got this shot. I was covered in pink string. I can't wait to have a Silly String fight!

87/365- Friday 6/5/09 The Bird Feeder

These birds are eating me out of house and home, they can eat bird seed almost as fast as I can fill it. Rachel and I filled it up today, after just filling it up a few days ago.

Friday, June 5, 2009

86/365- Thursday 6/4/09 Surprise

Last year, Lance wanted to grow sunflowers, so we tried and they just didn't make it. SOOOOO, we have been seeing these tall thick "weeds" next to the garden and today they opened up a bit to show us that they are SUNFLOWERS!!!! They are not even close to the place where he planted them. The only thing we ca figure is the birds have dropped them from the bird feeder that is pretty close. Either way, I love them and can't wait for them to open all the way!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

85/365- Wednesday 6/3/09 Free Rootbeer Floats

Here are Lynsey, Rachel, and Kaylee drinking their free floats. It is nice getting something free every once in a while. We had a BUSY day, so check our Random Thoughts and Experiences to see more of what happened today.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

84/365- Tuesday 6/2/09 GUESS WHAT

I went to the Women's Health Clinic today for some blood work, and a Sonogram.
I have been holding out on you all waiting, but I have to let you in on my secret, seeing as you are now my good Bloggy friends.
I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago, and I really felt like it was a sham. It just wouldn't sink in. So, today when I went for some blood work, they wanted a sono since I MIGHT be high risk after my first pregnancy. I went in thinking I was 7 weeks, and came out KNOWING I am only 5 weeks.
I know I shouldn't be telling EVERYONE, but I really could use some prayers from all of you. I had a hard time carrying Rachel, and didn't even get to carry her full term. She was born at 35 weeks, and weighed in at 3lbs 12oz. So, with this one I am already a NERVOUS wreck. I worry constantly. I pray constantly. So, please join me in prayer that everything will turn out GREAT!!! I just want a uneventful 8 more months, and a good size baby. Boy or girl, I am HAPPY. I just want to experience a "boring" pregnancy with NO pre-term labor at 6 months, and NO growth restricted baby, and NO hypertension, and NO c-section.
Well, the last probably will not happen, but a girl can dream right.
So, I sit here with my heart POUNDING because if (God forbid) something happens, I will have to announce that too, but I just wanted you all to know!!!

83/365- Monday 6/1/09 Day 1 Of Swim Lessons

Today was Rachel's first day of swim lessons. She did really well considering that it was her first time to have someone else teach her to do anything in the water. She was a great sport and only cried twice when she didn't want to go under water. She saw it was coming watching the other girls and told her teacher "I don't want to do that!" Being the great teacher that she is, she MADE her (I was OK, believe it or not) and she really did not cry for long. She actually wanted to go back Tuesday. I know SHOCKING!!!!