Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like Father Like Daughter

Last Thursday Rachel was studying "B" in preschool, so they planted bean plants. Low and behold, this is what we found this morning. It has got leaves coming out. I am shocked. She is going to be a gardener just like her Daddy!!!

My, How Quick Things Change!

Well, I left work on Tuesday with more contractions than they wanted me having there. When I got home I laid down and called the doctor. They gave me and hour to lay and see if they would go away. I ended up having 4 in the hour so they had me travel to good ol Stephenville to the hospital. When I got there they kept getting worse. At one point they were almost on top of each other. With me being only 21 weeks, they didn't know if any of the medications they could give me would work. They gave me something and it ended up stopping them. THANK YOU GOD!!!

They send me home taking meds every 6 hours and on bed rest for at least a week. SO, here I am laying in bed waiting out the week. I can only get up to tinkle. Let me tell you that I grab food every time I get up. MAN I LOVE FOOD!!!'

We didn't get any pics in the hospital, although Rachel was laying with me and it was so sweet. She was worried about the baby and I, so it was really cute. Lance didn't want to leave her home so she would not be worried about us. I was glad she was there with us.

I will post other pics soon!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Begins NOW

After much debate and going through the costume magazine a MILLION times, we were at Walmart and looking trough the costumes and Rachel just had to have this one.We don't know if this will be the "official" costume, but it is SO cute she wanted it and I just had to buy it. It was a whopping $17 and even if she just plays in it, it is worth seeing her as a Monarch butterfly. She wanted to wear the wings EVERYWHERE. I loved seeing her "fly" around the house!!

Opening Night On Our Brand New Field!!!

Friday was the first night out Tigers got to play on the new turf field at the new Tiger Stadium.It was so neat. It is a BEAUTIFUL stadium, and I enjoyed getting there early to watch everyone as they came in to see it. Our Tigers running out on the new field for the first time! To beat those Olney Cubs!"The Girls" You know them by now. Attached at the hip!!!We were the first to score on our new turf, and we were winning at half time!The game was great. The stadium was great and it made it all better with a WIN!We had a "V" at the old stadium that was lit up for a week when we won, and here is the new one lit for the first time!!! A ton of firsts that night. Notice the 2 story press box with an elevator!Rachel and Lance after the BIG WIN!!! What a GOOF BALL!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby LeFevre

This is what she looks like now, just MUCH MUCH cuter!!!

Pregnancy Week by Week

I KNOW, I KNOW, You Can Call It Cheating!!!!

I have not taken pics of my tummy in a LONG time. I guess the second child syndrome is already starting. I HAVE GOT to do better. SO, since I have not and my mother-in-law is GREAT with pictures, I will refer you to her page with GREAT pics of my little Rach, and the last one is a pic of my belly so you can see how much I have grown!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Rachel Story

Rachel has now been to 3 days of preschool, and though she already knew all her letters and what they say, she is acting like it is all NEW. She did "B" on Tuesday and we spent this morning finding ALL THE "B" things we could find on the way to Mrs. Kim's. Trust me when I say we got them ALL. From boats to bushes to bunnies. She would say EVERYTHING she saw, and we would figure out what letter it started with.
After finding all the "B's" and arriving to Mrs. Kim's, she walked and told her that we had found a "G" in her garage. She was a little confused, seeing as her garage was closed, but when I explained that Rachel decided that it started with "G", she was pretty impressed. I must say I am quite impressed myself about how smart she is. She was asking me the other day how to spell words. I just know she will be reading before Kindergarten. I know from working in the school system, that is great, but not for the sake of the Kindergarten teacher. It puts her LEAPS AND BOUNDS above the other students. But I refuse to hold her back!!!

Chuck E. Cheese AGAIN!!!!

Again we find ourselves at good 'ol Chuck's house. I really enjoy it there. I know the craziness is a little overwhelming, but I know Rachel LOVES it. I am actually contemplating having her 5th birthday there. I will have a 3 month old, and EASY is the key word for that party!!! I have not asked her, but I am sure she will be in for inviting Chuck to her birthday. So, here she is driving him to who knows where. I might also add that this is the first time she has actually been looking at the camera for this picture in the car!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!!!

We have been getting rain NON-STOP since Friday. Oh, the good Lord did hold up for recess that afternoon, and for all of the game, but as soon as it ended, it began to rain. Saturday afternoon, I thought I should let Rachel play in it since we really don't have rivers down our street very often. So she got her an Elephant Ear leaf and made a boat to float down the river. This was after sailing MANY leaves that had fallen off the trees.
She even got a duck to ride in the boat. Here she is letting me know that the boat will not go, and neither will the duck (still sitting in the river)!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lance's First Game

Last night was the first Middle School/JV games. He is the Middle School coordinator, and he is the official 8th grade coach. He was excited about his team this year. They are looking really good so far, so this was the night to show them off.That is my man in the middle of the boys.Do I sense a little frustration????After a GREAT win, 34-0, Rachel was extremely eager to see her daddy. She was watching the clock count down so she could "run to see him"!!! I love seeing that, and it really makes me a little teary eyed to see it every week.Here she is with "Daddy's boy's bracelet". She saw him and the boys wearing it and wanted to try it on. I thought this was a great picture.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, I thought it might be time for an update on the newest LeFevre on it's way!!!

I am now 19 weeks, hitting 20 on Saturday!!! I started having contractions last week, so my doctor is watching me like a HAWK looming the words "bed rest" over me. I go back on the 24th to see if anything has changed. They have been watching my cervix, so if it starts to give AT ALL, I am sure I will be confined to bed. My doctor has also put me on progesterone shots once a week for the remainder of this pregnancy. I am not looking forward to them, but if it is what I have to do, I will do it without a second thought. We were just HOPING that this pregnancy would be without incident, and it seems to be starting 12 weeks earlier than with Rachel, so I guess this means I am not the prime candidate to carry babies. I know BUMMER!!!!! So, I know that is BUNCH of info, but it felt good to get it out.

We did the "Big" sono Tuesday and found out with a 99.999999% that we are going to be the parents of 2 beautiful girls. We are excited seeing as we do make pretty little girls!

With that, please PRAY for us, and here are some pics of our little one!!!
MAN, is she not C-U-T-E??????Her little foot!!!

The First Of Many Firsts......

Tuesday was Rachel's first day of REAL PRESCHOOL!!!! She was super excited. We have really been talking it up about her new school. I know this is not the best picture, but I took SEVERAL and it was the best.We headed to the car, I was so glad I got to be there with her.Here we are getting ready to leave, I know she doesn't look happy, but I think she was tired of hearing "OK, let's go!"When we got there she found her friends immediately and they held hands and walked up to the school. SO CUTE!!! They all get along so well!!!She walked in an found her name right away and sat down. It was like a real school. She was looking around the room like she had never seen such stuff on the walls.Here is her little hook all her own. Right by her best friend. She had a GREAT DAY and is very excited to go back. She will be going twice a week and hopefully loving every minute of it!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Miles

Miles arrived on August 17th. He had a rough beginning, but he pulled it out just after we got there. I am just sure he was really relieved that his Aunt Jackie, Uncle Lance, and Rachel had gotten there to see him. Boy is he a cutie. Rachel was SO excited to see him. She dragged EVERYONE that showed up to see him in the nursery. She just loved looking at him and touching him. It really makes me happy since she will be doing this again in 6 months. She just smiled and narrated EVERYTHING he did. Movements and noises included!!!

The Cutest Kids In The World

Here are Rachel and Drew together for the last time before baby Miles arrives. They sure do love each other more than anything. They get along and play so well together!!! MAN THEY ARE CUTE!!!! These are the "Big Cheese" smiles!

Two Preggos In A Pod!!!

We met Ashley, Drew, Brad, Nana, and Big Daddy at Chick-L-A to have dinner for the last time before Miles made his arrival, and we took the last pictures of Ashley and I pregnant together. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Nana is becoming QUITE the GREAT photographer!!!

El Camp, TX

We went to visit Poppy in Bay City and while there we went to a Bellamy Brother's concert. It was a lot of fun and Rachel loved dancing to the music.
Here they are singing. The dance floor got a little crowded, so we had to end up just watching.Then, it all just got to be too much for her, and she fell asleep in a booth in the bar. I know what a great mother I am!!! I did cover her with the cloth napkins they had there.
The funniest part was the people would walk by and say how they remember falling asleep in a booth. All I could wonder was WHY on earth their parents would do that. I felt just awful that I had to let my baby sleep in a bar. All in all it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed hearing the great songs they sing. Thanks Pops and Mems!!!

Meet The Tigers

So we had Meet The Tigers night, and we all got decked out in our purple. All the coaches girls get along so well. So, here they are watching the football boys be announced. They are all so cute.
OH, and we did find out there is some sort of "Baby Girl" law here in Jacksboro that all coaches that have children while here, have girls. Here are just 5, and there is one more little one and 2 more on the way!!! WOW, what a girls program we will have!

Baby LeFevre's Hand

Here is a pic from the sonogram where they told me I was having another little girl. I was only 16 weeks, so I will have the official "Sex determining" sono next week, but she seemed pretty confident. So, we will be 3 against one now in our house!!!