Thursday, September 24, 2009

My, How Quick Things Change!

Well, I left work on Tuesday with more contractions than they wanted me having there. When I got home I laid down and called the doctor. They gave me and hour to lay and see if they would go away. I ended up having 4 in the hour so they had me travel to good ol Stephenville to the hospital. When I got there they kept getting worse. At one point they were almost on top of each other. With me being only 21 weeks, they didn't know if any of the medications they could give me would work. They gave me something and it ended up stopping them. THANK YOU GOD!!!

They send me home taking meds every 6 hours and on bed rest for at least a week. SO, here I am laying in bed waiting out the week. I can only get up to tinkle. Let me tell you that I grab food every time I get up. MAN I LOVE FOOD!!!'

We didn't get any pics in the hospital, although Rachel was laying with me and it was so sweet. She was worried about the baby and I, so it was really cute. Lance didn't want to leave her home so she would not be worried about us. I was glad she was there with us.

I will post other pics soon!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear things aren't going smoothly. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I love you lots.