Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Facts About Me- Part 1

I am going to try this and see if I can think of 100 things about myself. I think I will do it in 4 posts. Today I will do 25 of them. Here they are:

1. My full name is Jacqulyn

2. I am right handed.

3. I teach 2nd Grade.

4. I graduated from Somerset High School.

5. I went on to college and graduated from Angelo State University.

6. My first teaching job was at Millsap Elementary.

7. My second teaching job was at Bangs Elementary.

8. I went into labor with Rachel at 30 weeks and spent 5 weeks on bed rest before she was born at 35 weeks.

9. I took 2 years off to stay home with my firstborn.

10. My first job EVER was my second year in college and it was at a daycare.

11. I met my husband the first day I was at Angelo State, we didn't date until 4 years later.

12. I didn't get my driver's licence until I was 17. I was afraid to learn to drive a stick shift. I eventually had NO choice.

13. I was a cheerleader for 3 years in High School.

14. I went into labor at 18 weeks with Madi and spent 4 months on bed rest. I ended up having a wonderfully healthy baby.

15. My favorite color is blue.

16. I wanted to name my son (if I had one) Cooper Pike.

17. I have been married 9 years.

18. I can belly dance with my tongue.

19. I do a fashion walk for my students anytime I wear new clothes to work.

20. I have never tried any type of illegal drug.

21. I have tried a few cigarettes, but I never knew you were supposed to inhale. When I was told that you were supposed to, I did and MAN the burn in my lungs was enough to make me NEVER do that again.

22. I love my husband being a coach. "Coaches Wife" is a status I LOVE!!!

23. I have an ENORMOUS pen collection because I was not aware that I was such a pen thief. I have decided to accept it and tell people so I don't steal theirs without realizing it. I have fallen off the wagon a few times when I really LOVE the pen. But I AM doing better.

24. I LOVE Vanilla Cream Dr. Peppers.

25. I have to have some type of sweet right before bed. I know it is BAD, but I just crave it!!!

There, I am finished! That was really fun. Only 75 more to go!

(90) 3-31-2011 Drum Cafe'

Today we had a group called Drum Cafe come and play for us. It was AWESOME!!! Each one of the kids got their own drum to play with the group. It was so much fun. Rachel loved it and so did every other kid in our school! Check them out if you get the chance.Rachel was having a blast. They did drum playing, dancing, and motivational stuff. I enjoyed watching her have a great time.

Thursday 5

Delightful Happy Superb Gorgeous Loved

1. I am here sitting outside watching my littlest one play! It is Delightful out here, the perfect weather!!

2. I never knew how Happy I would be knowing that my little family is complete!!!

3. We just had an assembly with Drum Cafe' and it was Superb!!! The music was amazing and it was TONS of fun!!! You should Check them out!

4. I have two of the most Gorgeous girls on the face of this earth! I love them more than life itself.

5. I never feel more Loved than when my babies are cuddling me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(89) 3-30-2011 Wordless Wednesday

(88) 3-29-2011 Our First Tardy Slip

Today was a VERY LATE day for us.

I have been picking up a 5th grader every day for school and this morning at 7:30 I got a call asking if I was coming to get him. Seeing as I was woken up by the phone, I knew I was going to be SUPER late.

I didn't know if Rachel was going to need a tardy slip or not, so I called to find out and they said "yes". I knew she was not going to be happy about it since we use that as a hurry up and get ready tactic. She is actually quite afraid of them. They mean bad things in our house.

So, she was not going to carry it to class, she made me do it. I got her to at least hold it for a quick snapshot.

When I took it to her teacher, she asked me how in the world I ended up with a tardy slip. I only got one because I didn't want Rachel to have to go back and get one by herself, so I have learned that now I just sneak her in the door and forget that we were even late ;-)!

(87) 3-28-2011 Getting Ready To Party

We went to Wal-Mart on Sunday for our bimonthly shopping trip. When we went, I was not thinking AT ALL about Rachel's birthday party this weekend. So, Today I had to go back and get all the things I needed to get the first round. I am making the cake and some cupcakes, so that should be fun.

I also reserved a bounce house today on SHORT notice, so THANK GOD that there was one available. It should be fun, but stressful to say the least!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I love this time of the week, even though I was scrambling for pictures this week, I still love it!

1. DecayThis little guy means a lot to me. My BFF Amber gave him to me when she was moving because I always told her I wanted to be able to use the phrase "my gnome". He is old and worn, but I just love him!

2. Group of 3

Mimi and Poppy came by this weekend to visit, and they were were playing a game with Rachel and I thought it would be a perfect group of 2 shot!

3. Kitchen

Madi's little kitchen that sings. The songs are VERY catchy!!!

4. Things that make you go "MMMMM" I know it is supposed to be "Hmmmm", but while I was at Relay For Life, I got to FINALLY meet Lane Elenburg from Big Brother, and I just had to use this photo!

5. Me timeI love the Internet and the computer. Farmville and my blogging are Me time for sure. I love to get into another frame of mind than the everyday "to do's".

(86) 3-27-2011 Our Little Escape Artist

Our new class pet hamster, Stella, spent the weekend with us. Rachel LOVED having her there. She spent all weekend hanging out with her. Stella got to roam free and even ride in a baby stroller. She was loving life. Today Rachel was carrying her in a basket and got sidetracked by the TV and Stella made a run for it and roamed around the house for a few hours. We found her in Madi's closet and she is now safe and sound in her cage!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

(85) 3-26-2011 Happy 1st Birthday My Brody Boy

Today was Brody Walker's 1st birthday.

This little boy is a little miracle. His mother worked with me in 4th grade when we were both pregnant. She ended up having HELLP syndrome when she was 30 weeks pregnant with him and ended up care flighted to Fort Worth and had an emergency C-Section.

He was in the NICU for 3 weeks, and is now a HEALTHY little boy!!!

We went to celebrate with him!

Happy Birthday BRODY!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

(84) 3-25-2011 Relay For Life 2011

So, I was on our school Relay For Life team this year. I had done it 2 years ago and really enjoyed doing it. I stayed all night the first time, and I knew better than even to try this year. Well, little did I know that I would be meeting a hometown celebrity!!!

Lane Elenburg showed up!!! Big Brother is my FAVORITE show, and he was on last season. I have been dying to meet him, and I FINALLY did!

I will say I was a a LITTLE star struck and maybe, just maybe acted a LITTLE silly!

Then, I was chased down and told someone paid to put me in "jail"! I had to do my time, because I had no money to get out!!!

I stayed until midnight. I did the tug of war and we got 4th overall the teams. I will also say that we won the cheer competition! WOO HOO!! I knew we had it in the bag, but it sure was nice to get my megaphone and candy!!!


I am joining another fun thing here in the "Blogger World" I am so excited!!!
Click over to Flip Flops and Combat Boots to join in too!!! Sounds like a BLAST!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

(83) 3-24-2011 Geography Photography

My students have been working on shapes, lines and angles and I wanted to do a little photography project with them. I think they did a great job finding objects to take pictures of. They each had 2 things to find and these are a few of the most creative results!
Acute Angle
Obtuse Angle


Thursday Five

The words today are:


1. I had an outstanding time this last weekend with my husband celebrating our 9th anniversary! It was nice to get out and spend some time together without any "MOM" interruptions.

2. I am so proud of Rachel for falling off her bike while learning to ride, and getting right back on! She even got some pretty good scrapes, but that didn't phase her.

3. After Spring Break you would think I feel energized, but I just feel down right tired! I think we were more busy during Spring Break than we are on a normal week.

4. It is a splendid to know that I have been married 9 years and I am STILL perfectly happy! We have been together for 11 years. I know these days that is beyond what many others make it to, so we lived it up!!! IT IS (5)WONDERFUL!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(82) 3-23-2011 Monkeys, Bubbas, and Cows OH MY

These are all the animals that Madi can make the sounds for:
Elephant, puppy (aka: bubba), dinosaur, cow, and monkey, these are the important animals in our house as of late!!!

Tonight Madi was doing all her animal noise for us and they were SOOOOO cute. I remember when Rachel was her age and we would go through every animal we could think of and she would make the sound. It was so much fun!

Again, with these milestones, there is the sadness that I will not go through this again. This is the last time I will have a baby learning the sounds!!! ;,-(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(81) 3-22-2011 Young Athlete's Program

Today Rachel's whole class got to participate in a Special Olympics sponsored program at school. They had all kinds of obstacles set up for the kids to rotate to. It was so cute watching them do all these activities.
Mother-Of-The-Year here, forgot her camera. So, these are from my camera phone. I took some with a friend's camera, so I will post those later!
Here she is riding a tricycle.

She had to jump from star to star. I have to admit, I was coaching her up a bit between each turn. I know, I am sorry, it is just embedded in my life!!! LOL!!

There was this 4 way balance beam, and she did AWESOME!!! She had amazing balance. She was grouped with 2 boys and she blew them away! I loved her being the BEST at it!

Again, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING, but I just can't help it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

(80) 3-21-2011 STELLA

We got a new classroom pet today. A friend of Rachel's offered her to us, and we gladly accepted an we were excited to get her.
So, here she is!She has had a rough day, my students are obsessed with her already! She had to travel to the school and then with all the noise in my room, I think she is having a bit of a hard time adjusting. She bit me when she first got here, and then we put her in a ball to play. After school one of the teacher's kids reached in to grab her and she bit her REALLY good. I know they handled her a lot, so I am just hoping she is all bit stressed out!!! I think she is cute as can be!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I had my pictures for this week done EARLY, so it seemed to take forever to get to Sunday. So, I am so excited to post them this week!!!

1. Camera PhoneWe took the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese this week for Spring Break. Madi had a lot of fun. Her favorite part was putting the tickets we won into the "Ticket Monster"!

2. Camera
This is Rachel's camera that she uses quite often. I am trying to get her to join in the Scavenger Hunt Sundays with me!

3. ShoesMy favorite shoes in the whole world. FLIP FLOPS!!! I wear them all year long.

4. ChairAHHH, this one is close to my heart. This is the chair we bought when I was pregnant with Rachel. I rocked her, and now I rock Madi in it. I know it is not fancy, actually it was CHEAP, but I love it. It has LOTS of memories!!!

5. ImperfectionWhen my husband proposed to me 11 years ago, he wrote me a fairytale of our relationship. While he was reading it to me, he was showing me Kim Anderson cards that went with the different parts. I found this puzzle around that same time, and it took us FOREVER to finish it. It took at least 8 years. So when we finally finished it, there was ONE piece missing. It is an imperfection that I LOVE!!!! To me, it represents that there are imperfections in marriage, but if you just hang in there, you can finish it and even with the imperfections, it will still be a beautiful thing!

(79) 3-20-2011 Rachel's Yogurt Story

Rachel went here with her Nana a little while back, and she talks about it ALL THE TIME!!! So, we made a trip there after we picked the girls up. It was really as wonderful as she said it was. We held up the line while she was telling is each and everything we could put on our yogurt.
She LOVED teaching us!!! I couldn't help but put this picture on too!

Lance taught Madi to put these tiny dominoes between her toes. EVERYTIME she sees these, she has to try and put them between he toes It is SOOOO funny!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

(78) 3-19-2011 A Night Out With My Handsom Hubby

Lance and I were waiting until Spring Break to go out for our anniversary! When we got to Fort worth, Lance got a haircut, and I got a pedicure. Then, we went to Movie Tavern, to see "Adjustment Bureau", and then to Pete's Piano Bar to sing and people watch!
(one of our favorite activities)
We had a blast. The movie was great, and then we had so much fun at Pete's.
This girl was an AMAZING violinist along with playing every other instrument in that place!

This was Lance's first time at a place like this and her ended up having a great time!!! I can't wait to go back!

Friday, March 18, 2011

(77) 3-18-2011 Daddy And Rachel's First Camp Out

As soon as Rachel got out for Spring Break, she questioned Lance about what a camp out was and when they were going to go on one! So, after learning all about it, they decided to have one tonight. We went after Chuck-E-Cheese to get her a sleeping bag, and we went this morning to get the eating supplies: Hot Dog, Buns, Chips, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bars, and Batteries.
Around 6 they began to get ready to set up. They worked together getting the tent up and placed in just the right spot.Rachel could not wait to get all the sleeping supplies in the tent.After she went in with her shoes, Lance told her that she should just throw everything in the tent so they didn't have to sleep in dirt from their shoes. She did JUST THAT!!!
After everything was in, she just had to get in and unpack her new sleeping bag and get right in!Once everything was in the tent and she had tried out her new bed, they started their fire and made dinner. They even let me come out and enjoy a hot dog with them. They were Delish!!
She moved her chair back a few times when she got too hot near the fire. After dinner it was time for "bessert" Smores was on the menu.
She got a little hot roasting her marshmallows. So she stood by Daddy to get it closer.She was not too impressed with the black marshmallows, so I scraped it off before she ate the smore. I think that was her first official smore.Once the fire burned down, they came in to change into PJs and use the potty one last time. Then it was story time and then lights out. This will be my last picture for the night. I hope they make it all night, but we shall see!!!