Friday, March 18, 2011

(77) 3-18-2011 Daddy And Rachel's First Camp Out

As soon as Rachel got out for Spring Break, she questioned Lance about what a camp out was and when they were going to go on one! So, after learning all about it, they decided to have one tonight. We went after Chuck-E-Cheese to get her a sleeping bag, and we went this morning to get the eating supplies: Hot Dog, Buns, Chips, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bars, and Batteries.
Around 6 they began to get ready to set up. They worked together getting the tent up and placed in just the right spot.Rachel could not wait to get all the sleeping supplies in the tent.After she went in with her shoes, Lance told her that she should just throw everything in the tent so they didn't have to sleep in dirt from their shoes. She did JUST THAT!!!
After everything was in, she just had to get in and unpack her new sleeping bag and get right in!Once everything was in the tent and she had tried out her new bed, they started their fire and made dinner. They even let me come out and enjoy a hot dog with them. They were Delish!!
She moved her chair back a few times when she got too hot near the fire. After dinner it was time for "bessert" Smores was on the menu.
She got a little hot roasting her marshmallows. So she stood by Daddy to get it closer.She was not too impressed with the black marshmallows, so I scraped it off before she ate the smore. I think that was her first official smore.Once the fire burned down, they came in to change into PJs and use the potty one last time. Then it was story time and then lights out. This will be my last picture for the night. I hope they make it all night, but we shall see!!!

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