Friday, October 30, 2009

Ms. Kim's Party

She had her day care party today and was really excited to go and give all her friends the goodie bags that she helped make. She looked so cute in her Halloween shirt holding her pumpkin. Can't wait until she goes trick-or-treating!!!

Preschool Halloween Party

We have been putting stickers on her school calender to get to the party, so she was excited to finally get to the day she got to wear her costume to school.
Rachel had her Halloween party at preschool and they got to wear their costumes. It was fun to dress her up. She just couldn't wait to put on her costume.

The Pumpkin 2009

This year my mom carved our pumpkin, she let Rachel pick out the pattern, and it turned out GREAT!!! Notice the cat shadow in the background. I love the way it looks like the cat is lurking over the mice!

Dr. Time Again

I went to the doctor again Tuesday and was excited to tell her that the contractions really had slowed down from the last appointment. I told her I was hurting A LOT more, so she wanted to check and see what my cervix was doing. I am still not dilated, but my cervix is really short and the baby is REALLY pushing on it. She said she was comfortable with me being an out-patient for the next two weeks. When I go back in two weeks, they will do an ultrasound and see how much she is weighing. I am 27 weeks come Saturday, so I am stoked to have another week down. I have been in bed for 5 weeks now with only 9 weeks to go until she takes me off all the meds and lets me enjoy life on my feet again. I am bound and determined to make it.
Thank all of you for the prayer and great thoughts through this. They are working, so don't give up now. I will let you know more when I do!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Hot Chocolate Of The Season

When it got cold last week, Rachel and I had some hot chocolate. It was fun to make it with her and let her put in the marshmallows. She is not big on sweets, so she was not a big fan of drinking it, but it did make for a few good pics.Even though her hair is a mess, I LOVE THIS PIC. Right after I took it, she spilled it, and I just knew the pic was going to be awful, but it turned out so good! MAN I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Her Bed Is Even Put Together

Rachel loves to look at her scrapbooks, and she has been asking Lance if she can help him put together the baby's bed like she saw pictures of him putting hers together. So, she was so excited to get to help him put it together. She was a lot of help. So, now the bed is together and the bedding is on and it looks like a baby's room. I spend my days laying in there on an air mattress so I can surf the internet. I like being in there because it is SO cute!!

Baby Girl LeFevre's Room Is Painted

On Saturday my Mother-in-Law, Mimi, and Sister-in-Law, Lauren, came over to bring the furniture I wanted off of Craig's List. We were sitting around talking when I showed them the baby's bedding. I was telling them how I wanted to paint the room. So from there things quickly turned to "Well, let's go get paint!" I couldn't go, so Lance went with them and as soon as they got back the painting began and was done before bed that night. I was so happy to have it done and I LOVE IT!!! It wasn't what I had thought of, but it is BETTER!!! Rachel even got to do a bit of the painting

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have not uploaded the pictures off my memory card in a while, so as I was looking through them trying to update my blog, I ran across this one and got quite a chuckle.

When we were in Port A, she loved going to the coin machines to get little care bears. One time she got this pair of earrings that clip on. As I was sitting at the table she walked up to me with one on her nose. I thought she was pretty funny, until I was thinking this MIGHT be foreshadowing of the future!! I SURE HOPE NOT!!

Show And Tell

Today Rachel had her very first "Show and Tell" at preschool. We have been talking about it and talking about what she was going to take since October 1st. One day we passed a hotel and she asked if that was the hotel she was going to. We were a bit confused until we figured out that she was talking about "Show and Tell", thinking that she was going to a hotel on the day we marked on the calender. We explained it to her and thought it was all cleared up.
Fast forward to today: She took her puppy this morning and when Lance picked the girls up from school and the teacher asked him if we were going on vacation because Rachel was telling her about a hotel she was going to. OH MAN, NOT AGAIN!!! After explaining what she was talking about, he took them back to daycare and her babysitter asked if we were going on vacation this weekend, because she kept on talking about this hotel she was going to.
Maybe this is a sign that we need to take her to a hotel!!

Here she is with "Princess" to take and show all her friends at school.
Lance said her teacher told him that she got up in front of the class and talked and talked about her puppy. She was really excited to take it with her. I only wish I was there to see it!!!

A Wonderful Surprise

Tuesday after my doctor's appointment, I got home and around 4, I heard the doorbell, and when I answered the door, Danielle was standing there with a bouquet of flowers for me and she sat and visited with me. I LOVED IT!!! It was so nice to have someone to talk to, and to bring me such a wonderful surprise too. THANKS GIRL!!!!

Painting The Belly (Beware of Bare Belly Pics)

When I was pregnant with Rachel, Lance ALWAYS want to draw a HUGE smiley face on my belly and I would not let him. I always felt bad, so this time I got bigger A LOT faster, so I asked Rachel if she wanted to paint my belly for Halloween. So, here is the great fun we had.
First, she wanted to put her hand prints on the baby. Then we did a Pumpkin. I know a bit crooked, but she started with the eye and it was WAY off, so the rest is lopsided. I was not even showing with her around Halloween, so I wanted to do this one.Then, I let her paint all she wanted, so here she is being an artist. After this, we cleaned it off for the 3rd time, and then she wrote her name. Mind you, she WILL NOT get her hands in the paint, so we had to take 2 picture just to show her whole name. I will spare you those pics, so you don't have to look at my tummy anymore than these!!!

I also told Lance that he was more than welcome to draw that smiley face since this will be the last baby belly I will ever have!

Monday, October 12, 2009

They Growing Bean Plant

I know I posted about this a while back when they were studying the letter B. I think that is now 4 weeks ago, and WOW, look how it has grown! I am just amazed at how well it is doing in this tiny styrofoam cup.

Rachel's Pumpkin

Rachel brought this home from daycare last week, and I think it is so cute! I love her babysitter, she is always so good at keeping them in the holiday spirit!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Choo-Choo, Riding the Bed-Rest Train

Here I am at 24 weeks, with week 3 of bed rest down, and 15 to go. I have decided that I am going to try to blog a lot more. I am feeling down right now and I am having a hard time WANTING to lay around. I know all of you are thinking, "Man, I would love to have to lay around." Trust me I thought so too. NOT SO GREAT!!! My doctor told me that if I could have a few "GOOD" weeks, she would think about letting me go back to work, well, after a week and a half of pretty good days, I had some crazy break through contractions and they had to up my meds. :-( This means that I am here longer.
It is just hard watching other people have to do so much of "my jobs". I HATE watching Lance have to do all the cleaning, but what can I do? I hate not being able to play with Rachel as much as she would like. She understands that we want the baby to be healthy, but it is hard.
All I can think about is the holidays and how all that is going to work. Shopping online (EEEEK!!!) I am not big on it, but it looks like that is the only way. Christmas pictures? Do I really have to give those up? Everyone has been wonderful, and I am truly grateful, but I just need some cheering up. Knowing you are in for the long haul is harder than going week to week. At least with Rachel I could look forward to maybe going back to work, but I don't have much of a chance with this one, being so early with the complications. All I can do is pray and look forward to my Saturdays when I can count down another week!!!
I will go for now, I have a bunch of pics to post, so I will get on that ASAP!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Girl LeFevre Update

I went to the doctor and we got to see the baby again, I hate being high risk, but I love being able to see her every 2 weeks now. She looked really good and is growing wonderfully. I am just having contractions. They are not doing anything, but we just don't know when they will start doing the work they are meant to do while in labor. So, another 2 weeks of bed rest until I see her again. WE SHALL SEE!!!
Here is the second of the beautiful LeFevre Girls!!!

Homecoming Parade 2009

Today was the Homecoming parade. Last year Rachel got to ride the firetrucks with Daddy and "His Pootball Boys". So, this year she got to do the same. She loves it. She had her bag of candy to throw to everyone. She really had a great time.

There was even a Dalmatian there and everyone knows that dogs are her FAVORITE animal!This is her when Lance put her on the truck, boy was she excited!!!I love this one of her waving to me!They were leaving to start the parade.I sat toward the end so I could catch a picture of her while they were driving, I thought this one came out really well!!! I love seeing her so involved in her daddy's job.

Baby Bedding Has Arrived!!!!

Well, the baby's bedding has arrived. It has been a little while now, but I just wanted to share it with everyone. I LOVE IT!!! I want to paint the room green. I think it will be OH, SO CUTE!!