Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show And Tell

Today Rachel had her very first "Show and Tell" at preschool. We have been talking about it and talking about what she was going to take since October 1st. One day we passed a hotel and she asked if that was the hotel she was going to. We were a bit confused until we figured out that she was talking about "Show and Tell", thinking that she was going to a hotel on the day we marked on the calender. We explained it to her and thought it was all cleared up.
Fast forward to today: She took her puppy this morning and when Lance picked the girls up from school and the teacher asked him if we were going on vacation because Rachel was telling her about a hotel she was going to. OH MAN, NOT AGAIN!!! After explaining what she was talking about, he took them back to daycare and her babysitter asked if we were going on vacation this weekend, because she kept on talking about this hotel she was going to.
Maybe this is a sign that we need to take her to a hotel!!

Here she is with "Princess" to take and show all her friends at school.
Lance said her teacher told him that she got up in front of the class and talked and talked about her puppy. She was really excited to take it with her. I only wish I was there to see it!!!

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