Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I had my pictures for this week done EARLY, so it seemed to take forever to get to Sunday. So, I am so excited to post them this week!!!

1. Camera PhoneWe took the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese this week for Spring Break. Madi had a lot of fun. Her favorite part was putting the tickets we won into the "Ticket Monster"!

2. Camera
This is Rachel's camera that she uses quite often. I am trying to get her to join in the Scavenger Hunt Sundays with me!

3. ShoesMy favorite shoes in the whole world. FLIP FLOPS!!! I wear them all year long.

4. ChairAHHH, this one is close to my heart. This is the chair we bought when I was pregnant with Rachel. I rocked her, and now I rock Madi in it. I know it is not fancy, actually it was CHEAP, but I love it. It has LOTS of memories!!!

5. ImperfectionWhen my husband proposed to me 11 years ago, he wrote me a fairytale of our relationship. While he was reading it to me, he was showing me Kim Anderson cards that went with the different parts. I found this puzzle around that same time, and it took us FOREVER to finish it. It took at least 8 years. So when we finally finished it, there was ONE piece missing. It is an imperfection that I LOVE!!!! To me, it represents that there are imperfections in marriage, but if you just hang in there, you can finish it and even with the imperfections, it will still be a beautiful thing!


  1. Awww - love your imperfection shot and the story.

  2. Love Rachel's flowery camera! Great interpretations! :( about the puzzle piece.

  3. Love your imperfection shot. So true!

  4. Wonderful imperfection interpretation... so true! My kiddos love the ticket monster... what a sweet shot! Well done!