Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Rachel Story

Rachel has now been to 3 days of preschool, and though she already knew all her letters and what they say, she is acting like it is all NEW. She did "B" on Tuesday and we spent this morning finding ALL THE "B" things we could find on the way to Mrs. Kim's. Trust me when I say we got them ALL. From boats to bushes to bunnies. She would say EVERYTHING she saw, and we would figure out what letter it started with.
After finding all the "B's" and arriving to Mrs. Kim's, she walked and told her that we had found a "G" in her garage. She was a little confused, seeing as her garage was closed, but when I explained that Rachel decided that it started with "G", she was pretty impressed. I must say I am quite impressed myself about how smart she is. She was asking me the other day how to spell words. I just know she will be reading before Kindergarten. I know from working in the school system, that is great, but not for the sake of the Kindergarten teacher. It puts her LEAPS AND BOUNDS above the other students. But I refuse to hold her back!!!

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