Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Parade & Santa

I love this little town we live in. It has so many things that make it a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I love that they still have "Happy Birthday Jesus" in lights on the town square. It is rare to find a place that STILL advertises that we are Christians and PROUD OF IT!!!
We went to the Christmas Parade last night and since I am supposed to be off my feet, Daddy made us a bed in the back of my car so we could lay and watch the parade. It was nice. There were a lot of good floats and I loved that they were lit and so festive. The pictures leave something to be desired, but I tried!!!
Rachel loved watching every float go by and tell us what was on them. The Rudolph on above was her favorite!After Santa brought up the back of the parade, riding his trusty old school firetruck he sits in front of the courthouse and visits with all the children. Rachel got to talk to him and tell him what she wants. They even gave every child a stuffed animal. I was so impressed with out little town!!


  1. Ahhh, yes, that's what we were doing, too!!!

    As cold as it was, it was a WONDERFUL time!!!

  2. Whoo lady you have been busy {maybe I just got behind}.I love the elf idea!I'll be sending many prayers your way for at least 4 more weeks!Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice blog, but do you suppose there are any people in your town who are not Christian? They should feel comfortable there, too. Happy Holidays!

  4. I am sure that there are people here who are not Christian, I don't see how a sign could make them uncomfortable, because "Happy Holidays" doesn't make me uncomfortable! Thank you for your comment, and a Merry Christmas to you!!!

  5. You go girl this is your blog spot and I'm proud your not an ear tickler. There is way to much political correctness in the world we live in. Afraid we might offend someone and having to tip-toe around everyone's feelings is at the top of the list of things I'm really sick of. Wish my little town was more like your little town.