Friday, December 4, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow & Baby UPDATE

This morning we woke up to this BEAUTIFUL sight. It was snowing. I just love to watch it snow. When I lived in San Antonio, it was a RARE occurrence, but here in North Texas, it is at least once or twice a year, usually more. This is what I looked at as I fixed my breakfast and got ready to head to Stephenville.

I went to the dr and she said nothing has changed, and I was doing great. She even told me that she was SHOCKED that I was still seeing her and not in a hospital in Fort Worth. She said that she had not even planned on anything further, so she had to schedule a sono for the 14th to check on the baby's weight. She now seems VERY HOPEFUL that I will deliver in Stephenville and actually get to keep out bundle of joy in the room and TAKE HER HOME SOON after she is born. That makes me so HAPPY!!!! 4 more weeks at least and we will be SAFE!!!! I am bound and determined now. I can make it!!! Keep the prayers a coming, THEY ARE WORKING!!!!

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