Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby LeFevre Update

Well, here we are officially at 34 weeks. I am so excited, A couple of more weeks and I am off bedrest and can go about my life.
They did a sonogram to see where she was in terms of weight since Rachel was growth restricted and 2 weeks behind on growth. This little miracle is showing NO signs of that. She was actually bigger at 33 weeks than Rachel was when she was born at 35 weeks. She is now a whopping 4 and a half pounds. Rachel came home at 12 days old weighing 4 pounds. I was so happy. She looked great and amazingly my cervix looked good.
I am thinking that I just may make it to the scheduled C-Section. That is now 4 weeks away. They will give me clearance to have her at anytime in 2 weeks. WOO HOO!!! That is no time at all!!! I just thought I would share the update and a few pics from the sono. I know this is not a great pic, but I love her lips in this one.

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  1. I was begining to wonder.I'm glad everything is going well with the baby.I think those socks are a wonderful idea!You have been busy!Merry Christmas