Friday, June 17, 2011

(168) 6-17-2011 A New Store Opens Up In Jacksboro

This summer, Rachel has been playing with someone almost every day. She seems to believe that she is incapable of playing by herself. So, today was a day with Jenna. Her mom works with me, and they live next door. We have enjoyed having her.

They played with Rachel's new cash register. They played store all day, and Lance, Madi, and I shopped there over, and over, and over again!They had money from the cash register, and Lance made some of his own! They even gave me a debit card if I didn't have the cash!!! HAHA! Children of this generation!!!

Lance made them signs for the shops, and they even paid for them. Seeing as it was a book store, they made a place to lay and read the books to see if you really wanted to buy them.

Their displays were wonderful, they had them everywhere.
They even knew their inventory pretty well,

You could ask them if they had a certain book and they were pretty good about finding it.

There was a pet store too, but Madi bought all of them up before I could get a picture!

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