Monday, June 20, 2011

(171) 6-20-2011 Running Errands And It Is HOT!!!

I had some errands to run that I have been putting off. I just don't want to get out and just do one thing. I want to get a few things done if I get out! So, things had piled up and I HAD to go!

I needed to send my Summer Swap package (I WAS WAY LATE!) I hope my swap buddy doesn't get too upset! I also had to send some baby stuff to my Darcy for her twins. So I did that first. It took me FOREVER since I got everything in the boxes and got the address label on it and then when I picked them up to take a picture, I realized I had put the wrong address label on the wrong package. So, I had to start the addresses over. I don't know why I was surprised, it always has to happen like this.

Then it was off to the school to take some things I needed to put in my classroom and I had 2 things I had to fax. Now, again, it took me forever since I had never faxed before from the copy machine, and I had to try to figure it out. I did, but I didn't type in the area code, so they didn't go through. Then, one of the fax number was not working, so I called and then all of a sudden I got a confirmation page. Who knows which try went through, seeing as I did each one at least 3 times!

Then, on top of all of this, it was HOT!!!!!

I have to say living in Texas, it is usually hot in the summer, but I have never seen it THIS HOT before. The thing is, it is only June what will it be in July or August? We shall see!

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