Tuesday, February 15, 2011

(46) 2-15-2011 Go Pirates Go

Tonight I decided to get another babysitter and go to Lance's last basketball game of the season. I have not gone to many, so I wanted to go and support him.
Boy was I glad I went!!! It was an AWESOME game! We were very competitive and the score kept going back and forth. We were tied up at 2 seconds left and when we threw it in, one of the boys shot from half court and HOLY COW, he made it. He fell on the floor crying he was so happy. Then the ref was blowing his whistle calling it off. The stands were in an uproar and I was booing the ref (something I try really hard NOT to do)! I was a little caught up in the moment.
So, here we go into OVERTIME!!!These boys needed a pep talk to calm down and take this game and win it!
Let me tell you these guys were fighting hard to win this. There were more turnovers in 3 minutes than I had EVER seen. It was an 'on your feet" the whole time.
There were all kinds of fouls, and many free throws, but we were the only one to make one of them. WOW, it was great!!!
With 2 seconds left I was just screaming "GOOD PASSES" and wringing my hands!!!
A hard fought game and we won. What a great way to end the season. I was so proud and SO glad I went. I am still smiling thinking about it.
P.S. The ref that called it off, told Lance that he didn't hear the buzzer, he just saw the zero and called it. Even the coach of the other team told Lance that they should never have gone into overtime. HA! I knew it!!!

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