Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(47) 2-16-2011 Teeth, Teeth, And More Teeth

This morning, Lance noticed that Rachel's "big teeth" were coming up behind the teeth that were loose. READ ABOUT IT HERE!!! At that point I began to panic, thinking that if we didn't get the baby teeth out, she would need braces, have crooked teeth, and all kinds of other horrible things. I promptly told her we were pulling a tooth TONIGHT. I told her to wiggle her tooth all day (It was close, but not quite hanging!) so it would be easier!
I remembered I was supposed to pull a tooth, right before she left for church. I asked her if she wanted to do it before or after church. She wanted to do it before, so I told her to sit down and I would pull it. She did, like it was nothing and I pushed it sideways and it popped right out!
I LOVE pulling teeth. It is so COOL!!!
She saw her tooth and let out an cute little "AWWWWSOME!!!"
On the way to church, she told me that her tongue fit perfectly in the hole! She was so excited to tell everyone!!! I love this little girl, she has such a great personality!
Here she is missing her very first tooth.Then after church, I asked her it I could try to wiggle the other tooth that was not really very loose. I pushed pretty hard and it she flinched with an "OWWWW!!!" Little did I know, that push, made it REALLY loose. I asked her it I could pull that one too, and she said "No"!
Then I asked her if she would let her friend Lynsey pull it, and she replied with a "Sure"! So she went for it. I couldn't believe she was letting her friend try and pull her tooth.After a few tries, Lynsey couldn't get it, so Rachel let me try and it popped it out! I was so happy!!! We were both a bit surprised!Here is my baby girl with her first two teeth missing!!!! I love that little girl!! She is a trooper!!Here are the two little teeth that we pulled tonight!She even face timed with Ashlyn and Rowan to show them! It is SO cute to see how proud she is!

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  1. I love when Noelle looses teeth, she always wants to see if she can get a second one out. Now I need Kirra to work on hers. I'm happy for Rachel and her exciting news.