Monday, February 28, 2011

(58) 2-27-2011 Rachel Can Ride A Bike!!!

This weekend Lance started having "daddy guilt" that he had not taught Rachel how to ride a bicycle. When I say "learning to ride a bicycle", I mean pedaling, not without training wheels. She has always been TOTALLY uninterested. (She has had a bike since she was 2!) While we were talking about it, I told him he didn't need to give her a choice when it came to things like that. He needed to just tell her that EVERYDAY for 30 minutes they were going to go outside and do SOMETHING together. He took my advice and they worked on riding a bike.They went to the end of the road and back, and from what he said, she pushed backwards on the brakes 50 times, but they both stuck with it, and SHE DID IT!!!After one trip to the stop sign and back she said her arms were tired, but she did it again anyway!Then we got her friend Jenna and we made a trip around the block with Madi too. It was a lot of fun!!She said it felt like she was sticking her head out the window while were were driving! LOL We ended up going down a bit of a hill, and she got going pretty fast, and with Lance yelling "BRAKE, BRAKE!" she put her feet down instead and tumbled over and got a bit of a scrape on her arm. After a bit of crying, she got back on and kept on going. I was SOOOOOOO proud of her for learning to ride, but more so when she didn't give up.
Here is a picture of her at the top of the hill!

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