Monday, January 17, 2011

(17) 1-17-2011 My New Task

So, I have jumped into blogging full force AGAIN!!! I have found a few new blogs and I have seen several photography projects. I want to start working on my creative pictures. So, I am going to do a weekly photography project. So, as I was looking at something to take pictures of I saw the moon above when I was coming home at 4:30 today. I wanted to take a picture of it for my "silver". Well I got home and COULD NOT FIND IT!!! So, I began taking pictures of the sky to see if I could get some cool shots. Here are the results: These are pretty good I thought
Then I thought I would get really creative and try an new view. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! I think it looks so cool!After looking for the moon, forever, I went to check on the girls out back and THERE IT WAS!!! It didn't look the same as when I was driving home, but it was still there!!! I was playing with my Picasa program and really liked the effects on the last one.I thought the coloring was neat.

Oh well, so much for silver, but I did get some cool pictures.

I must say this blogging with a picture everyday has really kept me in touch with my camera and getting pics of Madi. I was doing really bad before this, so now I will at least have more pictures to document her little life along with my Rachel!!!

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