Tuesday, February 1, 2011

(32) 2-1-2011 SNOW DAY #1

We had the day off school today and we took advantage of it by playing in the snow. Lance was not feeling so hot, so he didn't really play too much, his chest hurt in the cold.
Now, Rachel couldn't get enough!!! Her first order of business was to make a snow angel,I must say, she did make a beautiful snow angel!!!She played out there for quite some time. I forced her to come in seeing as her tears were freezing to her face. So she came in without a fuss since I told her she could go back out that afternoon.Madi was only a few weeks old for her "first snow", so she went out for a few minutes. It was enough for her! She was not too thrilled about the cold on her hand when Lance put it in the snow.Here is my sweet girl before she came in for the day! She had a blast!!!I love this shot of her jeans covered in snow! I am trying to get creative with my photos!

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  1. I LOVE the next to last picture of my sweet Rach!! She looks adorable! I wish Drew was feeling better so he could play in it. I'm sure he would love it! Love you.