Thursday, February 3, 2011

(33) 2-2-2011 Snow Day #2

Well, today was day 2 of being snowed in. CAN YOU SAY STIR CRAZY? We have been stuck inside today since the snow has become more ice and it is a little dangerous even stepping outside. I am ready to go back to school for a little vacation from being stuck at home. We go news today that we would be home again tomorrow. With the prediction of more snow on Thursday evening and Friday morning I am beginning to wonder if we will even be at school Friday!

We didn't do much today to speak of, so here are a few pics of what we did do INSIDE the house!
Madi has really taken to sitting in a "big girl" chair, so they ate dinner together tonight.
She has been helping me throw the clothes in the dryer, but today she realized she could get in the dryer and it was more fun!And finally, their FAVORITE time of day. They love to take baths together and laugh more then than any other time. I love listening to them giggle while they play!

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  1. Miles loves climbing in the dryer, too. Only he does it by himself and can shut the door once he's in...kind of scary! But, you know how he's all boy and into everything....I expect it from him :)