Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's that time again!!! This week was BY FAR the hardest so far, but I pushed through and did all of them!

1. Diptych

I had NO IDEA what this was so I looked it up.

DIPTYCH: a photograph that uses 2 images side by side to form one single artistic statement

So, I gave it a shot and I think it turned out pretty good. This is my coffee pot at school before and after I make coffee. I need my coffee everyday!!!

2. Book

My hubby is writing a book and I was SUPER surprised and even giggled a bit, but after reading the first chapter, it is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to read more!

3. Fill In The Blank:

When I think about how this little girl is in her life at home. I just have to love her more at school.

She is in Kindergarten, and not very well taken care of at home, so I have taken her in at school. I fix her hair most every morning and just LOVE her as much as I can. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how her home life is. I just want to bring her home with me!

4. A Taste Of Italy

This one was the hardest for me. We were in Stephenville and this was all I could come up with!

5. Reminders

This is the best reminder of how lucky I am to be married to my soul mate and best friend.


  1. What a sweet reminder - one of my favorites too!

  2. great reminder.
    i also love your fill in the blank.
    what a great heart you have.

  3. Clever diptych shot!! Love your fill in the blanks one too! :)

  4. Thanks for the comment. I also had to look up diptych. What a great fill in the blank...I work in the foster care field so I understand those difficult home situations kids go through.

  5. Fun diptych! :) And how awesome is that that your hubby is writing a book? Your fill-in-the-blank story brought tears to my eyes. How sad for this little girl, yet how blessed she is to have you watching out for her; I bet you mean the world to her!

  6. The photo and accompanying caption of the little girl touched my heart...