Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(102) 4-12-2011 Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

Every year, second grade goes to the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point, TX.

It was AWESOME!!! I loved it. I can't wait to take my kiddos.

This is a Zedonk. It was so cool. I have heard of these things, but never seen one. I even got to pet her.In this section of the Ranch, they had at least one animal from almost every continent. The only continent missing was Antarctica. Obviously it is too hot here for any of those animals. This one is from China. It's story is pretty neat about why it is extinct in the wild.

Click HERE to read about it!

Lama, Lama, light brown pajamas. HEHEHE, I love the Lama Lama books. You can get them HERE!This camel has some CRAZY eyes. They were pretty creepy looking. I thought of him as the godfather of the camels. He walked and looked like he was too good for us and all the others.

This baby camel was only 3 months old and still had it's umbilical cord. He was SOOO cute.
They have a new brother/sister pair of bears.
This is Lucy the "queen" of the Lemar troop. In the Lemar world, the men don't rule at all, it is ruled by women!!!
This is a male Lemar that the girls have banned from the troop. He is not allowed in the cage with them, so he comes out and visits with the students. He is pampered, so I am guessing that is better than being in the troop. They brought out a albino joey for the kids to pet on.

It was so neat going there. I enjoyed it so much. It was VERY educational!

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