Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(109) 4-19-2011 Check-ups, Haircut Disaster, and Fires

Today was quite a big day. We started the day with check-ups for both the girls. Rachel was good to go, Madi HATES the doctor's office. She is reluctant to even go in. We got to go in a room that has LOTS to look out, so that helped her go over the threshold.

They both are healthy and growing perfectly!Rachel was reading to her while we waited. It was SO sweet!After the doctor, we went to McDonald's to eat, and then I left them with Poppy while I went to get my hair cut. I found a picture of a stacked bob that I wanted. The lady went ahead and started cutting and got half way through and said, "I am not going to stack it any higher, because my hair was just wanting to flip up, and not lay down. She said that we were just going to let the top layer grow out 2 inches, and we would just make it a regular bob." I just thought that 2 inches is a long time. She went on and fixed it, and showed me where the "problem area" was. I was close to tears, seeing as it looked HORRIBLE.

So, she asked the other girls if they had any ideas to make it look better until it grew out. One of the other girls was telling her what to do, and so she went ahead and asked me if it was OK for her to take over. I was happy to have her do it, and I told her to just make it look better. She did a pretty good job CONSIDERING!!!! It is cute, just WAY too short. I took a picture of the front, but I had no make-up on and it was AWFUL! So, the back is all you get!! :-)

FYI: I did get it free, so I guess I will just stand by the fact that it WILL grow back, it is just hair!

The fires here in North Texas are horrible. I feel for all the families that are being affected by them. I found out today that my best friend's parents lost their house in the fire. It hit home that these are not just random people, it is people close to us. The firefighters are working so hard and not coming home much either. I pray for RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!!!

Here is what I saw on the way home from Stephenville on 281.Temps here hit over 100 today. It was HOT!!! If it is only April, I can't imagine how hot it is going to be in July!

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