Friday, May 13, 2011

(133) 5-13-2011 Mr. Q & Ms. U Wed and Forever Become A Blend

Well, if you all thought that the wedding of William and Kate was the wedding of the century, you were sorely mistaken. I attended a wedding today at school that was AMAZING!!!!

I didn't make it to the wedding shower yesterday, but I did hear that they wouldn't need Q-tips for QUite some time. They received a few QUilts, and some QUaker oats.

Without further adieu, let me run through it with you. I have it on video if you would like to witness it for yourself, but this is the snapshot of it all!!!

First, there was the sign in table!

There were many guests there and they were dressed in designer outfits, and there were no silly looking hats.The wedding party was waiting anticipating the excitement.The Maid of Honor was as beautiful as she could be. She rivaled the beauty of the bride. I think she actually was MUCH better looking!Here she is with the bride, Ms. U.The walk down the isle was graceful and greatly anticipated by all. I think I may have heard a few oohs and aahs. The photographer was very hard at work, and he was actually trying to get better shots than I was getting!
The decorations were made by only the best decorators.After some wonderful vows, him promising to be QUiet if she was spending money on new Umbrellas, and her promising not to be angry when he was out QUail hunting, they exchanged rings. Now, I am not sure where they picked these up, but they were made of only the best materials. Hers with a HUGE emerald, and his with engraving done by hand.
They were then pronounced no longer just a consonant and a vowel, but now forever a blend.They were allowed to kiss as ONLY married people are!The walk down the isle was a happy one and filled with love.There was a little break for a few after wedding photos. Here is this photographer again trying to get me on camera taking pictures to sell to the public.

On a serious note, I have been waiting for this all year. I was STOKED to find out Rachel would be carrying Ms. U. The wedding was so cute. I am so glad I got to be there!!!

P.S. If you were wondering what was wrong with Mr. Q, he was diagnosed with Deflation Disease last summer and can no longer hold as much air as he used to. Actually, he can't hold any air at all. But, non the less, he and Ms. U will be together forever making beautiful words such as QUit, QUaint, QUick, and QUarter. She will always cover him with her Umbrella of love.

HEHEHE, I just can't stop!!! So funny!

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