Monday, May 16, 2011

(135) 5-15-2011 The Fourth Grade Babies (WARNING) Tear Jerker!!!

Amy and I took these 3 to have their picture taken together.

They are deemed the "Fourth Grade Babies" here at JES
Maggie Jo 5 months, Madi 8 months, Brody 6 months

They were all born in 2011 and their moms all worked to together in the 4th grade.

We were a TIGHT group of women. When I started having contractions at 18 weeks, I went on bed rest and left them behind, not before finding out Amy was pregnant with her first baby. It was so exciting.

Then, we found out Sally was expecting her third baby. It was a joyous occasion for all of us. There was lots of talk of raising them all together.

Them being the BEST OF FRIENDS!

We found out there would be 2 girls and a boy. That was great because now Brody would have 2 girls that were his! While I was out on bed rest, the other girls were growing and letting Brody and Maggie Jo "talk" in utero.

It was so exciting that we could share all of this.

I had Madi in January and we waited patiently for the others to arrive so we could introduce all the babies to each other.

When Amy was 7 months along, she was sent to the hospital with high blood pressure and they care flighted her to Fort Worth where it QUICKLY turned into HELLP syndrome.

We almost lost her. It was a SCARY situation for a while.

By the grace of God, she pulled through, and Brody only stayed in the NICU 3 weeks.

While waiting for him to get out and come home, Sally was also watching her blood pressure closely, and she very soon ended up in the hospital so they could watch her. We were SCARED again with her, but we knew once she delivered all the preeclampsia would go away.

She went on to have Maggie Jo about 8 weeks early.

While recovering in the hospital, her nurse made an awful mistake and gave her a dose of insulin that was meant for another patient, and to make matters devastatingly worse, it was WAY more than even the intended patient needed.

Her body was already weak, and just couldn't handle it and she went downhill from there.

We almost lost her several times before they stabilized her and she landed in the ICU for 4 long months. They did everything possible to help her, but she lost her battle, and we lost a WONDERFUL woman, teacher, mother, wife, sister, and friend.

It was hard losing someone so young and so close. She has been missed SO much already, and will be forever. I love her kiddos like they are my own, and I want so much for her family to be happy and healthy!

Now, wipe the tears, because I have, and I know you need to.

We are not letting losing her stop our kids from seeing each other.

Sally's husband has been so wonderful in letting us hang out with Maggie Jo (MJ as he calls her). We took them all to have professional pictures taken of them after a year!Are they not the cutest??? Click HERE to see more!!!

(L to R) Maggie Jo (MJ) 13 months, Brody14 months, Madi 15 months

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