Thursday, June 2, 2011

(153) 6-2-2011 Thursdays = Trash Day

Since we bought and moved in this house 3 years ago, Rachel has always LOVED to watch the trash truck come by and pick up the trash. So, this being our fist Thursday of Summer Vacation, that is what we did.

We heard the truck go up the other side of the street, so we opened the door and got prepared to watch. This would be Madi's first time to get to see the magic.

Well, it was taking WAY longer than we remembered, so we decided to go play in the front yard while we waited. The girls were looking and looking every time we heard any loud vehicle in the distance. While we waited, we got this cute picture of all our feet on the porch.
Then, we waited some more. Man, it was taking FOREVER!!!!We FINALLY saw the big truck at the end of the street, so we got in position to watch it all happen up close and personal!When he made it to our house, Madi was NOT happy about watching so closely with her sister,She was MUCH happier in the safety of my lap!!!It was all the magic that we remembered. I can't wait to do this with my girls every week.

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