Sunday, July 10, 2011

(189) 7-8-2011 Great Wolf Fun!

We were woken up at 4:45 this morning to a fire alarm telling everyone to evacuate the building. As we sat outside with everyone of the other guests, we heard several fire trucks and an ambulance. We had no idea what was going on. After 30 or so minutes we were let back in and told one of the alarms was set off from the boiler rooms. Just as we all got settled down and the kiddos back in bed, at 5:45 the fire alarm went off AGAIN!!! We headed back outside and this time it only took 15 minutes to find out that it went off while they were trying to reset it. It was CRAZY!!! After both wonderful evacuations, we were let back inside and then everyone went back to sleep until around 8:30.

After we got up, the girls were very interested in watching the staff put out all the chairs around the outside pool.
Lance called down to see if they were offering FREE coffee seeing as they kept us up for 2 hours that morning, and we found out they were offering everyone a FREE buffet! WOO HOO!!!The kiddos swam the morning away and then we all went up for a nap. After a nice long nap, we took the "Bigs" down stairs to walk around and do a Cub Club craft.They decided to do some sand art, and let me tell you, they had a blast!They were both very proud of their sand.She is growing up SOOOOO fast!Here they are with their sand!We went back up to get the "Littles" and the guys, and went back to the water park. We stayed until closing time and then went up to get some grub and get cleaned up.
We found out one of the animals that represents Great Wolf Lodge was named "Rachel", so there was no doubt in my Rachel's head that she wanted her souvenir would be a stuffed "Rachel"!
So, we went down stairs and got her one. It was just like Build A Bear.Instead of putting a heart in the stuffed animal, it was a star.She loves her new "Rachel" Raccoon.What a way to end a day, she has a stuffed animal with her name. She loves her so much!!!

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