Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(200) 7-19-2011 Henry Doorly Zoo- Omaha, Nebraska

We went to the BEST zoo in the world. I have NEVER been to a better zoo. I have been to several, and this one surpassed them ALL!

Most of it was indoors seeing as they were having a heat wave and it was as hot there as it was here, except the heat index was higher! They had different habitats and they went all out!

There was the "Creatures of The Night" exhibit, and it was all the animals that just came out at night, and the whole thing was like you were walking through there in the middle of the night. There was the swap that was pitch black except for a few dim spotlights. We were quite impressed with the Texas animals!
The Texas Ratsnake: There were even armadillos! HEHE!!!The bats were going crazy and the smelled SO bad I took this picture and RAN!! Then, they had the information center that was a little more hands on and things were closer up. Madi and Rachel got to pet a snake!The rainforest was AMAZING. It was HUGE. You entered on the top and walked around and ended up on the bottom floor and it looked like you were walking around in a real rainforest.

Rachel got to pet a bird. I thought that someone was holding one, but no, it was on the railing and she touched it. She was excited!! Can't you tell!

They had the rope bridges! Rachel went back and forth quite a few times. The animals in the water were so cool. There were so many of them.

This is my favorite picture from the day! She was showing us what the stingray was doing! She really liked the sting rays!

They had a walk through aquarium that had all kids of sharks, turtles, and TONS of fish.

I loved watching my girls have fun together. Rachel was showing Madi everything and telling her all about it!

The penguins were another BIG hit. We were there for a LONG time. Good thing they have to be cold!

Madi was in penguin heaven!

Then, there was the insect house! EWWWWW gross! These are giant stick bugs!The roaches were disgusting!!!The butterflies were the reason we wanted to go to this exhibit. It was neat to see all the cocoons with the butterflies emerging.

We loved watching the beautiful butterflies flying all around us. We were so hoping that one would land on us!

This was my attempt at getting them together looking at me! GREAT HUH?

The monkeys were a hit too. There was a family inside one exhibit, and the mom and baby were playing together. It was so cute. I love this one!

Then, the baby came over to perform for the kids. He was so funny. Every time you would put your hand on the glass, her would fall down. We watched him for a long time.

This gorilla was not a happy camper today. He was banging on and off at the people. Rachel was not intimidated!

The desert area was pretty cool. It was HUGE!!!

Madi was mesmerized with the birds.

She was a fan of the ducks too.

Rachel was running through trying to see everything before us!

It was an amazing day. This was the reason we went and I am so glad we did. I will never forget it, and I am hoping some day we can go back!