Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doctor's Appointments

I took the girls to the doctor yesterday and in an attempt to get a photo for my daily blog post, I took these. I thought they were so cute.
First of all, Rachel LOVES (this word could easily be exchanged with the word OBSESSED) her baby sister. So, when I say "smile" anytime Madi is around, she does this!So I told her to just act normal and let me take a picture.
This is what I got:OK, so this time I try telling her to just eat her snack, THIS is what I got:So then Madi decides that she wants her sister's snack instead of hers. Rachel is not so willing to share, so THIS is what I got:Madi is one smart cookie, and she saw Rachel look away and took FULL advantage of the situation!!! I love this one:

We got called at this point, so I just decided that I would use what I had. Little did I know that I would have ANOTHER blog post just fall in my lap by getting pulled over on the way home. So, I just had to share these too!

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  1. This is so funny! Made me laugh out loud...especially the one of Madi's hand in Rachel's snacks! Love it!