Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100 Facts About Me- Part 3

Here we are again. We shall see how it goes.

51. I am obsessed with exclamation points. I LOVE using them!!!

52. I LOVE to use all caps too!!!

53. I wish I had a lot of money to hire a fashion diva to help me buy clothes. I don't have much fashion sense.

54. I HATE cleaning! House, dishes, my classroom. I am a clutter nut!

55. I still keep in close contact with 2 of my very first students. I love them more than I ever thought I could. They graduated last year and one is having TWINS in May and the other is going got Iraq in May. I will have a great/sad May. UPDATE: The twins were born last Thursday! They are beautiful!

56. I have 5 piercings. I had 7, but my tongue and my ear cartridge closed up in college.

57. I love going to Las Vegas. I love to play Pai Gow.

58. I bite my nails. Horrible habit, but I can't stop.

59. I hate seeing babies diapers when they are out of the house. I think all dressed should have diaper covers. I am even for all girls dresses should have pantie covers.

60. My favorite flowers are the ones from the grocery store that take FOREVER to die.

61. My favorite candy is Mr. Goodbar.

62. My hair NEVER held a curl (I tried for prom and it didn't even make it to the hotel) until I had Rachel and now it is curly.

63. My husband and I have a secret code.

64. I love reality shows.

65. I have recently realized I need an entirely new wardrobe. I hate the way I dress right now.

66. I am a little overprotective of my kiddos!

67. I still have a bunny my daddy gave me when I was 3 years old.

68. I am loyal to any place my husband coaches. I will cheer them on like I have lived there FOREVER!!!

69. My favorite household core is laundry. I love to do it, fold it, I HATE to put it away, so there are laundry baskets of folded clothes everywhere!

70. I played with Barbies until I was in Junior High.

71. My sister and I could do most of the Dirty Dancing dances.

72. I have seen that movie more times than I could ever count. It is my favorite movie of all time. I think I know EVERY word to it.

73. I own every season of Friends. I love that show.

74. Lance and I remind me of the couple Doug and Carrie off the show "King Of Queens"! When I watch it, I look at Lance and tell him how he acts just like Doug.

75. I do the "Soup Nazi" bit off Seinfeld, any time I am in line to ask for something. I laugh and hope they recognize where it is from.

I have been working on this one a while. It is getting A LOT harder. I am determined to keep going! It may be a while before I can get the last 25, but I will do it!

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