Thursday, April 7, 2011

(97) 4-7-2011 Jungle Program

Today was the Wild About Animals Jungle program for K-2nd grades. We have been sing the songs off and on since after Christmas. I was so excited. They had a program at 2 for the whole school and then again tonight at 6. She wanted to be a bee since she had the wings and antenna from her birthday party. She was BY far the cutest bee up there.

Before we headed back up to the school for the 6 o'clock program, she decided that she wanted to be a butterfly. Like every good actress before her, she needed a wardrobe change. You can only be seen in your outfit once, so I dug out the costume and she was the cutest butterfly ever!I was a little angry by the end of their number because she just stood there (in the front row) and did NOTHING!!! This is the only picture I got that was remotely any good. I have no idea why I went through the trouble of digging out the costume or why we even went up there. She did NOTHING!!! Stood there looking quite bored!

Now, on the other hand, Madi got into the animal program and did some dancing of her own. All in all, I did not enjoy the evening program at all and I have come to realize that Rachel had developed an attitude that is HORRIBLE and we are due for an attitude adjustment. So, I needless to say, I am not looking forward to the weeks ahead!

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