Friday, April 8, 2011

(98) 4-8-2011 Fort Richardson Days

We took our kids to Fort Richardson here in Jacksboro to learn about how people lived "back in the day". The setting is in the 1870's. It was SOOOO interesting. I enjoyed listening to the people tell us all about themselves and how they did things. I was driven a little crazy by the fact that I had very little control. My kiddos were just wanting to to anything and everything. They had a good time, but I was glad to get back to my classroom.

This man was very interesting, and he was pretty funny too. We listened to him, and waited patiently to watch them fire the cannon.It was awesome. We learned why there are 4 men around the cannon and what each of them do. This is Morning Dove.I told the kids she was Sacajawea, and she quickly corrected me. She was really neat. The kids loved talking to her and looking at all she was carrying and what everything was for.There were 2 camels there too, we loved seeing them and petting them. The owner was trimming them and told me it took 3 months to trim all 8 of them that he has.This kid was young and he could crack this whip SUPER loud. It was cool!This is the item I searched long and hard to find $4 to buy. It is a courting candle. You make the candle tall or short for the amount of time you want your daughter's date to last. When it burns down, the date is over. I had to have one seeing as we have 2 girls. I don't foresee the candle ever getting very high. HaHa!After a LONG hot morning, we went back to the school to watch a movie and then I headed to Weatherford to assist my MIL taking pictures of my friend. Then Lance picked me up and we went out with some coaching friends of his at Buffalo Wild Wings.
It was a busy day, but LOTS of fun

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