Sunday, April 17, 2011

(107) 4-17-2011 Preparing For Easter

With Easter next weekend, we have been getting things together for the Easter parties. This morning, Rachel decided to teach Madi how to Easter Egg hunt. She hid several eggs and showed Madi where they were and helped her find them all! It was so cute!We went to church again this morning and I was so glad to be there. Not only because it makes my week go a bit easier, but they had their Easter Cantata. It was AMAZING. I had no idea they were putting on the Story Of Easter Performance. I have seen several of these, and this one ranked among one of the best I have seen. It was wonderful. They were taking everything down this afternoon to take it to the prison here. They were going to preform it for the inmates. It was moving to me, I pray they are moved just as I was.

I know these pics are awful, but I just had to take them. When the Roman Soldiers came in to arrest Jesus, Rachel was very interested in what they were doing to him. This is the Crucifixion.She was watching this like I have never seen. She was asking a MILLION questions, and Lance was narrating for her. Then there was the Resurrection.

I am so glad that Rachel got to witness this too. This taught her so much more than her just hearing the story has. I was so proud of the church. They did a wonderful job.

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