Saturday, April 16, 2011

(106) 4-16-2011 March For Babies 2011


This is our 2011 March Of Dimes Team. One is missing, her son was sick :-(Rachel and I walking together!I carried her 1 time, and it was no more than 5 minutes. She was awesome!!!We got our stickers for finishing! I was so proud of her!As we approached the finish line, I was rather emotional! I had no idea that I would get choked up. I loved sharing this with her!She had her picture in the Garden Of Hope! She looked for Madi, and I had to tell her that she was the only one in our family that gets this special honor! That made her smile.They have all kinds of activities for the kiddos. The bounce house was a hit.She did all 4 crafts that were there to do. She refused to get her face painted, she is convinced it hurts to get that done.When we were ready to leave, she went to get her page out of he garden.We had a bit of a trek back to the car, and she loved making that walk with Emma.She wanted to go to McDonald's to eat, so that is what we did and she played as much as she wanted! It was her day!She wanted to spend her birthday money, so we went to Target and shopped as much and as long as she wanted. She looked at ALL the toys, played with MOST of them, and finally decided on some Pet Shops (surprise, surprise) and some cute Polly Pocket things. As soon as we got home, she spread them out on the walkway and played until it was time to take a bath.We had a WONDERFUL day together. I loved being with her and only her. I look forward to doing this with her every year.

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  1. It looks like a perfect day! So glad ya'll did this and I'm so thankful for her in my life!