Sunday, April 3, 2011

(92) 4-2-2011 Happy 6th Birthday Rachel

Today was Rachel's birthday and for the first time she got to have her party on the actual day. She was so excited. She has been "wishing it was April" for a long time.

Mother of the year I am, I decided to have the party at our house and then wondered what in the world the kids were going to do here. So, on the Monday before the party, I called to find a bounce house. I finally found one reasonable here in town, and had it reserved on Tuesday. It was a HIT!!!I decided to again make a cake for Rachel, even after Madi's party! It was not real hard, and I think it came out fine. My mom ordered 3 dozen cupcakes to go with it.

P.S. this is the smile I always get when I ask her to smile. Great isn't it?She has some very doting grandparents so she is NEVER in need of anything. So, opening presents is a long drawn out ordeal. She loves it OF COURSE. We had the bounce house until around 8PM, so we used it for all it was worth. It was a blast. I think we will do it again.

To end the evening off wonderfully, Rachel threw up ALL OVER the bathroom. I think she just had too much junk food and not enough real food, along with a little too much bouncing! It was an icky end to a great day!

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