Friday, April 1, 2011

(91) 4-1-2011 Rachel's New Shirt

Rachel's class was celebrating her birthday today since it is on the weekend. So, while she was in the bathtub, I asked what she was going to wear to school. She told me she wanted to wear her "5" shirt. I told her that she was not turning 5. She got this really sad look and gave me a BIG sigh, and said, "I wish I had a 6 shirt."

Well, that was it, I had to get to it and make her a shirt to wear for her birthday. I found one on ETSY that I liked and went with it. Here is the finished product:

I am guessing this is going to be an ongoing tradition. I am glad she really likes them. I had fun!

I tucked in and kissed my beautiful 5 year old for the last time tonight. She will wake up a beautiful 6 year old. She has been waiting for this day for quite sometime. I am so excited for her. Here is the last picture of her while she is 5! Seems like just yesterday she was born, TIME FLIES!!! Happy birthday my sweet girl, I LOVE YOU!!!

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