Monday, April 25, 2011

(115) 4-25-2011 Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday!!!

This week, FLEW by and I didn't get any pictures taken before Sunday. SO, I went out during my conference and took what I could and did my best! I am pretty proud of my pics.

1. Reflections

As I walked out to my car to run some errands, I was on the lookout for my prompts, and this is the first thing I saw and I love it!

2. Guess What This Is...

I was leaving the bank, and I was wondering what I could take a picture of that would be neat, but a bit challenging. This is what I found. I think it turned out pretty good!

It is Fire Hydrant!!!

3. What's inside?

I had this one in mind when I knew I needed to go to the Post Office. I love how the post office here still uses the OLD mail boxes and they don't even have keys, they give you a combination. They look so cool and I am always wondering what is inside my mailbox at home. I love to check the mail. There is always the chance of some sort of goodies in there!!!

4. Playtime

This is from the archives. I took this one night while Lance, Rachel and I were playing Chutes and Ladders. Lance was frustrated because he kept going down the slides and Rachel and I were whipping him. This was Rachel's winning move. I love how competitive this family is!

5. Lawn & Garden Lance has planted a veggie garden every year we have lived in this house. The first year he just dug up holes where ever and planted different things. It ended up being the best year. The next 3 years were strategically planned out and they had never really done as well. So, this year he just planting 2 tomato plants(Seeing as he doesn't really eat many veggies, this is just for his girls) and putting it back were they were the first time! We shall see how it goes!!!


  1. Great job - I really like your reflection shot...nicely done.

  2. Good job! I like your guess what this is shot!

  3. Cute! I like your reflection and guess what this is shots.