Monday, April 25, 2011

(114) 4-24-2011 HAPPY EASTER!!!

This year we spent Easter at my parent's house, so the Easter Bunny hid eggs around the house, and a few outside. They had a lot of fun hunting them.This one was my favorite hiding spot!Madi followed Rachel around looking everywhere Rachel did. This is where E.B. should have hid one, because Rachel looked there 2nd!She was SHOCKED that they were outside too.By this time, Madi had figured it out, and knew how to grab them,andput them in her basket!Before the Easter Egg Hunt at church, we had breakfast tacos and we found all the "Resurrection Eggs" around the fellowship hall to talk about what all the items inside meant! She was holding the egg they gave me all morning, and was so excited to finally get to open it!Madi got to go out in the yard first since she was the youngest. We went in a side spot where no one else was looking.Rachel was GOOD, she got her fair share of eggs out of the hunt.THEY HADAN AWESOMETIME!!!This is my favorite picture from this hunt. I love the way she is running to see what else she can find!Madi was sitting opening her eggs, and I told Rachel to hurry and sit so I could get a picture of them together, and as soon as she sat, Madi was OUT OF THERE!!! I am sure she was afraid that her eggs would get taken!So, I got this one of the kiddos going through their eggs. Then, over comes Madi and snatches some eggs from her sister so she can open a few more.

This is where my camera's battery died. I was so sad, because they were holding hands later going back inside and it was SOOOOOO cute. One lady snapped a few pictures, so I hope those make it to me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

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