Monday, May 2, 2011

(120) 4-30-2011 Cleaning, Prom, and a little FUN!

Well, it is officially Day 2 of operation "Clean Sweep"! We have moved on to the kitchen and the hall closet. We found these broken crayons that I have been wanting to melt and make multicolored crayons for Rachel. So, today was the day to finish up little projects to clean out.We took a little break to go to the prom presentation ceremony. This is a Senior in the office that I just LOVE. She looked beautiful and so did everyone. It was fun being there.

After our little break, we finished the kitchen and went on to the closet that has all our games. We found some and just couldn't resist playing some.

First up was Pass the Pig, get it HERE

It is the silliest game, yet lots of fun!!! We set up the camera to take pictures, and we might have put on a little show, but I think most of it was real actions!!! ;-)
After Pass the Pig, we decided that we were finished cleaning for the weekend and we would finish up the rooms this week, so we played a bug game of Cowboy's Monopoly! I was doing the best, and something happened and Lance ended up winning. Danielle and I even ganged up on him and stopped paying or getting rent from each other, and we still LOST!!!

It was TONS of fun!!! I hope to do it again, the games, not the cleaning!!!

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