Thursday, May 5, 2011

(124) 5-4-2011 2nd Grade Mother's Day Tea

In Second Grade, they do a Mother's Day Tea for the moms, and I was dreading it, since I like order and I like having my kiddos all to myself.

I was pleasantly surprised that we had a great time. All but 4 parents showed up, and it was rather emotional for me. I had heard all day how excited they were, and when the moment came, it was AWESOME!!! They read poems they had written about them, They recited a poem together, and gave them the posters they had made all about themselves. After all of that, we had tea and treats served by the kids. While they finished the treats, I read a story about Mother's Day. It even made me tear up. I had a few moms need tissue.

Now, the bad news is I had a few kids VERY upset that their mom/grandmas didn't come. It was crushing to them. I learned a very valuable lesson. I will always be there for my girls events, and if I can't, they will have prior warning. There kids can't handle the unknown. It was horrible to have to watch that and try to make them feel better.

Anyway, I can't wait until Friday when I get to go to Rachel's Mother's Day Tea!

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