Thursday, May 5, 2011

(125) 5-5-2011 Rachel's First Field Day

Today was Rachel's first Field Day ever. It was neat to get to walk around with her to each event and see her do her VERY BEST!

I am starting with my FAVORITE picture of the day. The Broad Jump. She jumped 3 1/2 feet. I was beaming with pride.The Shuttle Run was a good one too. It is neat to look at pictures ans see how good some of her form really is!Look at this running form, AWESOME!This one was a bit harder, she was throwing as hard as she could, but she was supposed to be making it in the trash can.The Stick Horses was a good fun event.My baby can balance a bean bag on her head, I see the Next Top Model!!!She jumped,and jumped,and jumped. For 2 minutes!Bowling Champ in the making, she threw one ball, and made a STRIKE!!!Baseball Throw was a success too!Now, on to TUG O' WAR!!! I just knew we would take this one since most of the kids in her class are WAY bigger than the other Kindergartners.They pulled, and pulled, and pulled,It just didn't work out!So, they went against the other "lower bracket".This one was a lot better!!!It was a VICTORY!!! They were the CHAMPS, even if it was of the "lower bracket"!!They were STOKED!!! See the boys all hugging on the left. I was so cute!!!

All in all, it was a lot of fun!

On a quick note, my 2nd Grade team LOST both the relays, and we were 3rd in Tug 'O War. I was not REALLY happy after being BEAT HORRIBLY in the events.

So, I will focus on Rachel and her happiness!!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!! So good !! Wish I was there!! She did awesome!