Monday, April 12, 2010

I am offically a T-Ball Mom!!!

Rachel has started T-Ball. She has had several practices and it is safe to say she got MUCH better from the first practice to the second. The first day she was more interested in who was there than anything and the second, she actually was TRYING to catch the ball!!! Here she is playing catch while waiting for the rest of the team to show up.LOOK AT THAT CATCH!!! You guessed it she has a pink and purple glove!She was really interested in running to catch every ball (AT FIRST)!!!Coach lets the 3 girls bat first, so she looks forward to that! In case you were wondering that is her pink helmet. I know you can't see them well, but her cleats are black with pink Nike checks!! We were kind of hoping the uniforms went with all the pink!She likes to drag her bat behind her as she goes out to bat!This practice was before Coach got an assistant, so he was doing a million things at once, and when he went to direct another kid, she took to drawing in the dirt with her purple (they didn't have a pink one) bat!I love watching her be coached and seeing her really paying attention!Here she was swinging and she hit it really well for one of her first times. This was after she almost hit her coach because he didn't move fast enough!
I videoed her very first hit that she was supposed to run after she hit it, and it went really well. I was really filled with pride!!!

After she was finished batting, she had already realized the boys were determined to get EVERY ball, even if it meant fighting each other for it, so she pretty much quit going after them. She then played in the outfield while practice continued...
This one is one of my favorites although I know it is NOT Lance's. She is drawing in the dirt with a stick. It was pretty funny! This is what I have heard T-Ball being all about!!!Here is the close up of the above picture I just LOVE IT!!!!

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