Monday, July 4, 2011

(185) 7-4-2011 Happy 4th Of July???

Today we had BIG plans to cook hamburgers, eat watermelon, and go watch the fireworks. The plan changed a bit when we found that Stella was having a bit of trouble with her foot. I asked Rachel if something had happened and she said that she had closed it the door on the cage. There was something REALLY wrong and I am still a bit worried. (I didn't know how much I really like that hamster until I thought we might not have her anymore.) So, after researching online and calling a vet, I think her leg is broken and we are going to see the vet in the morning.

On a better note, we did get the hamburgers cooked and they were delish.

We had watermelon that Lance bought, and it was GREAT!!!

It made Rachel smile!!! HAHA!!!

Rachel has been getting more and more attitude, and giving less and less respect to us. So, today was the last straw and she paid the price. We are not going to see fireworks. :-( I am really sad about it. We really wanted to take them, but we just think this is best right now.

Rachel also lost her door on her room seeing as she feels free to play with ALL Madi's toys, but refuses to let Madi in her room to play with her toys.

We also decided that Rachel will be working off the vet bill we will be paying tomorrow. She will be clearing off the table after meals, and then helping me with the dishes every night.

She thought it was fun! I was shocked, but oh well, she has A LOT of days ahead of her to do this chore.

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